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Item #: SCP-797

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The current available email accounts all of which have been sundered by SCP-797 should be monitored for anomalous messages including and especially spam or impersonation emails.

•Additionally, as per O5-07, they have been discontinued. All objects, documents, and images are to be stored in a secured Foundation Library.

•A plan has been requested to eliminate instances of SCP-797-1 by correlating photos, videos, and blogs with known and suspected instances of the entity.

SCP-798 is to be considered legitimate if/when no other accounts have been replaced by copy/translations of the SCP-798.

The original images should be uploaded to the drive of your account.

Instances of SCP-798-3 should be uploaded to drive of your account.

SCP-798-α is a (w/o marking) device similar in design to a poorly mechanical camera, but without any of the technology to operate in its current form, *S&C Project. Essentially, it is a device that solely focusses flash and lense illumination when turned on.

SCP-798-β is a device similar in design to a small portable computer similar to the PCs we are involved with. Most notable is the absence of an internal battery.

SCP-798-γ is a similar device, but instead of a usable power source, the device *uses the unsteady Poisson distribution to move electricity in the form of photons, or photons that do not match the colours on the image.

SCP-798-γ is capable of handling beams of one or more wavelengths and reflectors of different wavelengths. It is not as powerful as its predecessors due to exposure to radiation from heat or energy attacks.

SCP-798-β also seems to be able of cancelling out some properties for photons in excess of the photon's energy output.

SCP-798-γ is capable of acting as a destructive force in considerable quantities. When activated in such a way, it can destroy entire areas. It is theorized that this is to decay through modes with the environment as a mediator.

SCP-798-η has the schematic for a version of the device of the device. Connections to the prototype and were apparently created for hobbyist and industrial detention.

History of SCP-798-α

SCP-798 was first sighted during Operation Blubra in Panjwta, Gujarat on ██/██/2018. A large group of children and adults were detained by MTF Delta-23 and were placed in restraints. Parents could restrain their children, but individual children were interrogated by tiered questioning processes. The operation ultimately led to the creation of a network containing several smaller hubs, "Miscellaneous" and "Humanoid" respectively. They are currently augmented by DHS-1 personnel and other Foundation imagery in custody.

Humanoid images have exhibited higher organic mutation than the original images, as many recent additions are depicted with human-like features. It has displayed higher-than-human intelligence, including sapience and communication with human or likely human-like individuals as well as aggressive behaviour for Quarantine agents (just like the original images).

It currently operates slightly slower and has a decidedly more complex economic model than its original prototype, though that seems to vary depending on what apps are currently used.



Currently: About ████████. Inventory of the site for ethical use in order to reduce agricultural costs in rural areas should be made available in the coming months. This will be a primary priority for recruiters, spotters, and admins.

Conclusion II: Humanoid instances left and with us were half of the approximately 7000 humans on the site. They are now our competitors. One should never let medical staff know what they saw.

In the time since, many others have been recruited and one of our former patients has been discredited, and we have begun to pass on their details to other sites. Be careful what you wish for. Our tip-offs may play an important part in their manipulation. -Dr. Harper



Currently about ████████. Inventory of the site for ethical use to reduce agricultural costs for rural areas. Additional humanoid instances, but these have been lined up with local scouting teams.

Conclusion III and IV: Humanoid instances left and with us were half of the approximately 7000 humans, and our goal is to make them our own.

In the time since, many others

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