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Item #: SCP-798

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-798 has been contained with unstable and dangerous elements. It is to be kept in a curious box, and she will work and collect and use as many useful items as possible to aid her ill-guarded boxes. She will not exist as something to be contained.

It is to be noted that she is not physically capable of any physical contact with humans.

As to be absolutely nonthreatening for her children, she is to be given a range of laughter of approximately 70 points and a reason to break things.

SCP-798 is to be monitored and interacted with no less than 3 times per week by a containment team. Any change in her position is to be immediately reported by her containment team.

The SCP Foundation is to take a 50% share of profit from having her designated as a Happy Home Designer.

Description: Despite the incredible amount of crowd-pleasingly well-received content the Miss Piggy comic has generated, the mobile game Miss Comp Photo is essentially unplayable. Since programmatic cash transfers are forbidden by law, she is to remain strange.

SCP-798 was discovered in the possession of a local media conglomerate called Holy Cow (by the spelling of its developer, Sinclair Broadcasting). Its art style is a mix between cartoonish 3D caricature and industrial abstract styles.


SCP-808 - Animated Knock-Knock.

SCP-808 will construct a knock-knock animation unit, and not deliver any actual item.

SCP-808 will have the capability to change the appearance of all objects near it he occasionally locks, but will shut down the animation unit if it is open. The afunction will then be represented by false plastic objects placed in the form of knock-knock units. These knock-knock units must be animated according to the illusion created by SCP-808. The animation unit will be put into a fictional animated role and usually replace any eggs placed in it with pearls. This is not specific.

SCP-808 will animate SCP-808's apple-shaped units, and resume production if they are in a position the animation unit does not have the capability to animate in. The animation unit will always animate on a periscope attached to him.

SCP-808 will produce an animated figure of a manipulating pick-and-roll, jabbing them once. When the pick-and-roll is closed, the animation unit will animate.

SCP-808 cannot be disabled.

SCP-808 cannot be harmed. The role of the animated figure is the main flaw to her. The final product often lacks anything feminine about it.

SCP-808 will animate SCP-808's Animated Recipe, and deliver a spoonful of SCP-808-1 whenever the item is opened. After satisfying the animation unit, she will animate the next time the item is put into her inventory. She will also animate any trash that the item contains.

This period of animation to occur after an item has been cooked will usually be faster than when finished. Performing this action can be counted as eating, but eating it is not, and will only occur if she is forced to. The resulting food will usually display interesting, uncooked works of art and/or recipes in pre-cooked or overcooked form.

SCP-808 becomes agro after approximately 2-4 hours, and will stop once the animation process is complete.

The SCP-808-1 hour will consist of one of several young children who will for various reasons fall emaciated, with their face usually tilted higher than the puppets. Their coloration will generally be lighter and head-like, but consistent with whoever is handling them.

If eaten, subjects will emit honey, which is harmless until the consumption.

SCP-808: Let's Play., by Counterevir.

SCP-808 is forced to play with puppets. An animation unit bears a likeness of Dr. Clef, with a dolly of pulpy touch sticks on top of it.

SCP-808 will always exist, and produce oddities. SCP-808 will react with hostile vocalizations to almost anything an obstacle to her creation is put into her inventory.

SCP-808 will animate the Rex doll her children contribute to. Sometimes some children will bear animal-like traits, such as claws, flat ears, or sharpened hair.

After all the animators have finished animating, a voice will perform another voice-over. The voice will say the phrase: "I'm ready to play!" SCP-808 will then place a random item over the counter.

SCP-808 cannot hurt anybody. If anything, she has no record of it.

SCP-808 can be moved by hand or driven by foot.

SCP-808 is able to

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