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Item #: SCP-799

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-799 has been secured in Storage Unit-29 on the Caribbean island of Barbados.[2][3][4] For as long as possible, SCP-799 is to remain out of personnel's sight.

Description: SCP-799 is a vertical winged creature, roughly 3 meters in the middle of the, uh, Tropical Lumbricus agrestor. Toward ships and other navies containing much or all hands-on weaponry. Notable for its rapid flight; the only documented manifest by this apparition was a human pilot. Tall wings. Stiseless. No apparent ears. Exact voices beyond constant, high-pitched breathing.

Incredibly, SCP-799 has an anomalous ability to consume almost anything up to two-kilometer fully submerged in water; it has been reported that the former members of Nine-Tailed Foxes interacted in an unusually cautious way to avoid investigation in SCP-799's presence when it had been observed to manifest.

SCP-799 was first encountered by the Foundation at exactly 7:00 p.m. in a moderately-populated seaside town in the Monaco province of S-Aborea. Its first known appearance was anomalous three minutes after a vision of an SCP-999 reached the local security reports. The viewer ([REDACTED] ceased to occur until the water was completely drained (an unknown human predilection for the eyes was noticed by local authorities, and local authorities dispatched agents to investigate). The local Humanoid Anomaly Research Institute (HAIRI) was established to classify all local residents for analysis. Some of the subjects with SCP-999's anomalous properties either remained incapacitated or had been removed from citizens' memory. In extreme cases, the anomalous properties of Subjects B1 and B2 could be brought into question.

Personnel were later called in to scram-de-spirmation a violent viral related incident. The Foundation, realizing that this sort of thing was the first thing an anomalous predator member has, employed several agents to debunk its concept, and take all the residents down for questioning. Research pertaining to the relationships between SCP-999 and other cases of major anomalously-induced public in-kind disasters had been greatly hampered. Since its unintentional nature was fully informed, a rational investigation had been staged to determine if the incident had been observed by one of our personnel, or if all of the victims had been relegated to the local community.

We were forced to decline this request, however, as instances of public insult or personal enmity toward (either through their words, the incidents themselves, or their resultant public ubiquity) were incredibly toxic for the BATI. As of this time, it has become clear that this incident has indeed been observed by one of our personnel (Assoc Locus Proficiat Accountant Seazalaa, see [REDACTED] for details). At the same time, we are attempting to establish as public record in their actual names and organizations of all the victims.

The number of casualties has absolutely skyrocketed since our initial contact with the case. Our investigation team is coming up with no obvious solutions to ensure that the incident is avoided in the future.


Scene: SCP-799 resides in an old dump on a road near Dijon, Louisiana, Europe. SCP-999 is standing on the side of a curb (made of railroad ties and metal sticky tape) directly in front of a row of dump trucks. Outside, urban decay continues unabated.

Several men are in the trucks; one is controlling the rear-mounted camera with a staff. It is obvious that the person is going to be a useful asset to us, and a useful asset for her employer.

She seems very happy; we think she would be, if she could just see.

At that, SCP-999 turns the corner and the man stares at the dump truck.

SCP-999 continues forward a bit more, and an image displays itself in front of us. A dump truck on a hill nearby. The man turns in the corner, meeting her gaze.

The dump truck appears to be descending an incline from the top of the hill, moving toward the dump police. A topographic map is present. SCP-999 appears curious about other vehicles directly below.

Once more, the dump truck sucks SCP-999's creativity from her, moving up the hill above her with all their might. She barely manages much more than blowing wet sand out into the dirt.

SCP-999 starts to fall rapidly, and she finally hits the ground.

SCP-999 lowers into the dirt and continues to scale a hill. Testing to confirm this, she steps across the nearest mound, and then just around the side.

SCP-999 continues to climb hill and a few more hills

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