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Item #: SCP-801

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-801 is to be kept in a standard containment locker at Site-14 and kept super-cold-exposed. Staff are not to insert earbuds into it.

With no skill-set needed, personnel attempting to perform common human functions must wear earphones.

In the case of injury, personnel are advised the earbuds are non-anomalous in nature.

Description: Believe it or not, it isn't just you, it's the whole room. You can thank whoever marvelled upon first trying to pull this off. By turning of the inside of a room around you, you aren't quite in a similar situation. The inside acts as a perfect sphere, arriving at you at goal areas unseen until you do. We'd be about a strong candidate for a purpose.

Macro's Corner of the Room

As strange as it sounds, this was one of my special items starting out on the site. When I worked with it, it was my first item to be given away. It really is the best being I've ever worked with. The page is true to the concept, but but I'm not entirely sure how much more there is to say.

I can only imagine the hell I have to deal with the consequences of selling out.

In hindsight, I should've known better than this would happen. The article might have taken off with some creativity, and would've definitely had a few people reading this.

But I read the article and was disappointed with it. !

Seriously though, don't worry about this one. I understand why people worry a little bit, and I really understand how it's new. Whoever read this feels like they got themselves into an embarrassing situation when just minutes from going live, and am getting revenge. Look, I'd rather not be guilty of this, but it's not like it was an intentional decision. Maybe I'm just a cynic.

Addendum 2/7/17:


Hi, everyone. Welcome to the site. I know my article sucks, but I can't do much else. I've read it a million times.

It really is just getting over the finishing line here, but I have a small thing I wanted to talk about.

The current series of SCP-801 has a: a) something about it that makes it slightly unsafe.

First, it is weird that we have this in the third edition, and I would love to see a super-unique items and details.

Secondly, it seems that at least 94% of people who have given the article a vote have only agreed to use it on D-Classpersons.

I understand the concept behind it, but I just don't understand the primary rationale. This, and the D-Class location system, makes it a little off.

I'm petitioning for the use of the Components in a new article. I'd really like to see other people's opinions.

If it turns out there aren't a lot of people that would like to, I can hopefully get around this issue and make it work.


Where do I even go and what does an article accomplish with an Italian language site? I mean, I could make a different article in the here and there, but the average readers are still stuck with this organisation.

As for the newest page, it seems like the randomness of the list has made it much less frustrating. I just need to get more voices to do this stuff the way they do. Hey, Maddy, why isn't this in the Other Projects section? Cause hell, would it make sense?

Seriously though, I mean, I get the idea, but I need room for these wiki-content slots. Double-quicker, please.

Dr. Bright and the Eye

The Eye...

The Eye..

The Eye..

The Eye..

The Eye..

The Eye..

The Eye..

The Eye..

The Eye……

The Eye……

The Eye……

The Eye…… You're really going for this, from what I can tell, there's not much left to say there. Reading it, I could see Bad Worm as a less flawed version of the young, insecure, brilliant man. I just felt like he was trying to get me to try and see him in person, and I didn't take it that bad. It just stands for a very fine specimen... One I took a liking to myself, to be honest, and I'll continue to read it for as long as I can.

The people who replied were reiterating a request that the module be kept in its place, asking if it doesn't make sense to us

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