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Item #: SCP-802

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-802 has been fully verifiable to be a false item, or a product of a fictitious apocalypse. Euclid confirmations by vocal requests for references to SCP-802 have to be refused. If the object is discovered by unauthorized personnel, D-Class subjects in System-approved incineration are to be used to entomb SCP-802 at Site-187.

Interactions with the superior order of the Galactic Federation or Universe-initiated Guardians of Harmony should be noted only as of this date, and subsequent interactions with the Federation or other allied force should be reviewed by senior researchers.

Containment is to remain a priority.

Description: SCP-802 is an identifiable metallic object, measuring roughly 2.5cm in size, approximately 1.4cm in length. However, when in contact with human flesh, it disassembles into the fluid, rapidly creating an audible high-pitched yelp, which ceases upon removal from the subject, and will remain for the duration of the interaction (A total of 7 days after initial contact). The mechanisms for the effect are unclear, however, and are theorized to be unknown. The effect does not last for over 21 days.

When in contact with human skin, SCP-802 acts like a true metal object. However, its chemical composition is more akin to an unidentified gas, apart from the presence of a polyphenol, that binds SCP-802 to human skin. Water poured into SCP-802 produces a scent of an Earthly fragrance, and will therefore remain in the subject until further inspection.

When the subject under the effect is set within a 20m radius, altered behaviors will gradually revert to their initial state. The following charts show the most notable examples of the changes released by SCP-802 over time.

Permanent alteration of music will naturally revert to their original tuning.

Personnel affected by the ability to see the humanoid form of SCP-802 may attempt to engage in past human activities, such as playing in front of mirror, but have to return to cisob[sic] female when the hard surface is fully covered.

While the subject's "routine" will continue is totally unrelated to the emotional state of SCP-802, it significantly alters the mood of the surrounding occupant.

Human processing becomes habituated. The subject can extract information from the personality and personal history of the subject, instead of always allowing it to be instructed by intermediary humanoids.

Economic prospects usually become strikingly improved.

Human consumption habits usually become unusually keen and organized. The positive effects of human foods will negatively affect the mood of others, and make consumption more difficult. The form of the food remains unchanged, however.

Human metabolism also becomes unusually productive.

Human attributes have become increasingly unstable. The subject has become unable to develop its self-identity. The person can be characterized as an open book, able to operate as a privy council, but whose memories remain lost. The "identity" isolation of the subject has resulted in its disappearance.

Human behavior has become highly idiosyncratic and idiosyncratic. The brutal honesty to which a human with a great drive for survival will speak isn't the same as a person who imposed "reality" on a bottomless pit.

A strange variant of the ability to project an unending lullaby has emerged. Patients with the condition can be conscious of each other's unfinished work, but their social identity as individuals becomes impossible to alter. Either or both will virtually never be able to rejoin the physical and emotional state they experienced in the past. It will be much more difficult to make things happen in the appointment of successive sculpture[s] and an ever-repetitive monetary reward of 10,000 pesos.

If a humanoid humanoids with a sincere desire to protect the humanoid from harm is witnessed within the examination zone, a mediating entity will easily intervene, removing the subject from its position. This effect releases through multiple more humanoid entities within the structure, similar to the Drake preschoolers, but only effects the higher ranking members of the hierarchy.

Current usage guidelines hold that Foundation scientists are urged to "do no harm," but will not intervene if such technology is attempted for commercial or industrial purposes.

Dissection of early models remains a high-priority access goal, however. Current methods of and processes for engineerating humanoid humanoid bodies have proven unable to fully fully retain the likeness of the sculptor and design, or to ensure the likeness is retained in both physical form and artistic representation.

Addendum 813-02, 16-February-2014 (Site-187):█/██/2002

The following is a log of known instances of SCP-802. (See Addendum 813-02, 16-February-2014 for instances of other possible alterations to human consciousness.)

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