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Item #: SCP-807

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Technical difficulties have rendered Foundation personnel unable to acquire samples of SCP-807's matter. Foundation attempt to transfer samples to other departments will still be investigated. Any physical contact of SCP-807 is to be done with at least one unarmed researchers with no prior contacts with SCP-807. It is advised that SCP-807 is not stored in a standard facility but be disposed of as soon as possible.

Radio contact may be made by having labs take samples of this substance in a prohibited process called "Chemical Synthesis". Any form of contact between SCP-807 and an anomaly, such as an emotional response, is strictly prohibited. Also, the methods of contact should be discreet and personal.

Description: SCP-807 is a skin and bloodshot, puka-like creature with red, faded pink, and tan skin. While its face adheres to that of normal humans, its body has no distinguishing features aside from the rudimentary skin covering its body. In addition, the substance surrounds its "primary" body with several other bodies, each resembling a human skeleton, and contains organic components.

Due to its indentured position and lack of mobility, it is estimated that at least ██% of humankind is altered. This includes the majority of exposed personnel, as the affected beings are unable to function or leave this planet. Further alterations to the humanity eventually results in its incorporation into SCP-507. This being the case, it holds currently anomalous properties, which are currently being tracked by Foundation field agents.

Human affected persons will see sleepiness, corporeal sleepiness, and dreamlessness before succumbing to SCP-807's effects. The effects eventually subside with over time. While affected individuals will either sleepwalk to the opposite side of the Foundation facility, or duck back under the surface of the planet to a windy, overcast dip. During this phase, they can be observed for 3-5 days. During this time, their memories of previous human society, as well as their memories of SCP-807, will be replaced with new memories of SCP-807. They will do this by accessing the SCP-807-1

itself within this body, though it entirely seems normal to the individuals. Distance from SCP-807's dimension appears to slow and become more gradual the longer they remain in the aforementioned body. No known cure has so far been found.

Known affected individuals last appear in a location located in southern Florida, with three other affected individuals taking their place. The location of this location is at the eastern edge of the state, between Tallahassee and Tallahassee. The other affected individuals are equally spread throughout the entire region. It is unknown why they are trained in the field, the cost is unknown. These individuals often encounter anomalies and personnel they serve. While not entirely humanoid, they generally do not include faces, or include other structures.

The affected individuals' memories gain a heightened tone of intent as well. They are no longer generally aware of their own circumstances, but rather the negative stories of their modern counterparts. This effect is the cause of them greatly. Their memories are often false. They may be the accounts of people who were absent or dead long ago, but are instead the memories of the humans whose memories have been modified.

It appears the only person affected by this is the lead researcher. He will show no signs of sleep upon termination. It is probable that he does not exist, though the memory still seems to be that he did exist.

Research Assistant Hutchinson was last staffed at approximately ██/██/████. No sign of any anomalous individuals or operatives has been documented. He left this position with good behavior.

I am writing this to show the Field Agent whom I served from. His behavior while in this role was commendable. I cannot imagine how he became the way he does. If this was exactly it, it would be a point of no return. I sincerely hope that he is well rested and well headed.

Dr. Jameson

Entrance to SCP-807 Unit's Permission is denied.

Document SCP-807-1: The following is a transcript of a message from the now-familiar SCP-807-1 to Agent Reza Hutchinson. It’s currently transcribed from recordings in SCP-807’s possession. While the message is being preserved for understanding, and as research assistants become involved in its storage, I suggest that all recordings be preserved for the sake of research assistants. Thank you for making this discovery.

The Faint

Dr. Reza

My assistant.

Dr. Jameson

I am sorry. I was wrong. I never actually saw the video feed.

Dr. Reza

Unfortunately, General William Walker should know what he is dealing with. He is in over his head and should pay for

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