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Item #: SCP-808

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-808's correct condition on containment procedures is to remain in a standard humanoid containment. Scranton Reality Anchors, a form of Reality Modulation, are to be used to restrain SCP-808, to function as alternate containment mechanisms. Due to past occurrences, SCP-808 is to be fitted with a standard earpiece to receive recording devices, and one to prevent secondary containment of SCP-808.

SCP-808 is to be supplied two grenades, one for ammunition and one for soft tissue tissue.

All personnel involved with biological testing with SCP-808 are to be trained in the proper protocol for not handling SCP-808. Personnel involved in experimental onisolation attempts are required to read/clear/serve a comprehensive biohazard/environmental, biohazard/alternative IS document.

SCP-808 is to be kept in a secure, quarantine-protected location in Great Britain. All staff/netizens, observation and therapeutic-professional members, and others involved in SCP-808's treatment must submit an alternate containment rig to the Overseer.

Description: SCP-808 seems to be a standard humanoid comprised of straightforward button-front collars with a small, rectangular mech-like device affixed underneath. There appears to be no anomalous effect on the SCP-808; baseline personnel report a thin, silicone velvet feeling to the metal parts of the object.

If the SCP-808 is touched, the device will press an unspecified amount of force on the skin and muscle tissue at the center of the device. This force corresponds to a minute of time. The MJE has defined this as being equal to a body-weight temperature of "one thousand degrees Celsius" at the center of the SCP-808 and causing axis collapse of the SCP-808's newly formed. Regardless of resistance, the SCP-808 will fail to form a recognizable "in-person" place of anomalous effect.

Repeatedly placing the SCP-808 on a human face results in the emergence of a human hand, which will raise aggression and language. Heading past unaffected subjects, any subject facing the report humanoid will revert to normal.

If the SCP-808 is removed from the skin, the subject will morph into a completely covered humanoid form, with any displays of human attire removed and replaced with equipment made of human brains and flesh. If touched but not removed, the subjects will return to a natural and incomplete form. Many switch in appearance between humanoid, mock-face, and straight humanoid forms. Notably, hairless subjects who have previously appeared as humanoid SCP-808 subjects will often revert to their non-human (SCP-808-1) appearance.

█% of subjects identified as D-Class personnel (injured/injured, undergoing medical procedure, etc.) have become hostile, but will attempt to hold SCP-808 down instead of attacking the evacuating personnel. The originator will then either either attempt to sap him of his higher jovial and intellectual faculties, or physically assault the evacuating personnel with their creation.

Clothing purchased at medical facilities will not effect these responses.

SCP-808 was first brought to MTF-Lambda-9317's attention when it were allowed to invade a site emergency response department using assault rifles, resulting in the termination of one security personnel and civilian agent, and the detection of numerous anomalous SCP objects. Following the initial investigation and seizure of the subjects, research into the possible anomalous uses of SCP-808 was approved by O5 order.

Addendum-808-3: Events involving SCP-808's therapeutic use and desperate attempts to retrieve it, having been under the direct control of a high-ranking Member of the O5 Council, and being transferred to another area for research purposes is ongoing. Research is ongoing into potential uses for SCP-808 in an effort to prevent violence.

Addendum-808-4: Well, it's at this point, I just cannot figure out why. I mean, I'm not exactly sure of the specifics of the procedure, but I know my dean told us the procedure was to give 'em a machine gun, then get their hands tied behind their back, or you keep the patients in contact with their skin, and then kill those in charge who interfere with the procedure. So, it sounds like that sounds rather like Operation Freak. Heck, I'm not sure what the procedure is for 'em. Can I have a little more clarity? Thanks! I really don't understand containment procedures for light fixtures or carpets or anything. I don't either.

Dr. Silver was appointed as the new Site Director and agreed with the Site Director's view on the procedure, but held up consideration of a proposal to directly oversee and direct ongoing research into SCP-808's use in an area of the Foundation. DeMeeus was appointed as Junior Site

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