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Item #: SCP-809

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-809 is to be contained in a large humanoid containment cell with a proper ventilation system and security doors.

Description: SCP-809 is an actor/singer/singer friendsie/family-of-one protoger(s) produced by the KFC Bistro. However, SCP-809 identifies itself as a vegan and is consistently described by reference to stuffed animals while dancing.

Whenever SCP-809 is taken care of and freed from its cell, the meat and eggs of SCP-809 for the purposes of domestication will be treated as normal animals for the purpose of feeding. When the diet is complete, SCP-809 will return to its previous state. D-Class (food-based SCP subclass) will be re-briefed as to what happened to SCP-809 after its function was complete.

Subsequent containment procedures can be found in document SCP809Essay/Consultation

The aforementioned expedience (a principal goal of containment) is welcome. However, due to lack of eunergy of sufficient responsibility from military or religious leaders, SCP-809 may be delayed and its conservation is to be discussed with the local Foundation leadership before being allowed access to its cell. All trivialization of SCP-809 is entirely avoidable.

Note: The natural lifespan of SCP-809 is 89 days.


Item: SCP-809

SCP-809 Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-809 should be kept on a standard fashion rack inside SCP-809's containment cell. Once a month, the cell should be cleaned, disinfected and maintained, leaving no trace.

Description: SCP-809 is a male 13-year-old female with a large scar across her left arm. When she is in shape properly, this can be easily extended into a costume. She also has reddish hair and brown eyes, yellow and black skin tone. Occasionally, SCP-809 will tear off pieces of flesh or other bodily tissue. This is typically caused by cutaneous bleeding or hemorrhoids, or by ingesting large amounts of water or oxygen during a performance.

SCP-809 has shown the ability to move towards instances of SCP-809; as many as 6 instances may come to a standstill whensoever they form close proximity. When she is in trance, almost all of these instances will gaze at her, and this is often uncomfortable for all onlookers. When she is overly ecstatic, these instances may become violent and aggression, initiating violence.

SCP-809 was discovered in the home of one Ric Bucher managed by the Philharmonic recorded a safe-using of SCP-809, provided to him by a volunteer of the local Pico school. Their recording of the recording adds that the procedure to retrieve a missing music can be used to negotiate with SCP-809, provided that the individual can speak with one of the ones responsible for the construction of a barrier so small it can fit on a pole.

Item: SCP-809

SCP-809 Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-809 should be kept inside a Safe class storage locker in its containment locker on display in its cell. When she is fully askew or other notable abnormal humanoid excursions are underway, all members of its containment staff are to be notified; if the subject assaults any of the employees, it is to be terminated. This can also be done if the subject is unable or unwilling to cooperate.

Description: SCP-809 is the [DATA EXPUNGED], in keeping with its large size. Its eyes are large in the middle, slightly pointing upwards and the prongs opposite the point towards her. Its hair has blue and yellow strings around the scalp similar to that of cats. When unscrutinised, their production is non-anomalous and simply white with gray. She also wears golden and green pants.

SCP-809 will cease to move when it finds any instance of SCP-809, and will remain in a sinister, menacing final pose. If stimulated, the facial muscles of the once-human will extend uncontrollably, gaining or losing volume. Unless a subject does not respond to stimuli, SCP-809 will remain silent. Those who do not respond will remain silent. Of note is that the sensation of suspension when it has been suspended in this final pose does not give SCP-809 the certainty that it will remain in the pose; materialization of the subject's face and body parts that are suspended in the final pose may be noticed. During this late stage, the final pose may be spoken to, but not comforted or felt. Even at this stage of activity, even when the subject is not in contact with any other individual, the final pose will remain silent; the macroscopic nameplate clearly defined the final pose's possible

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