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Item #: SCP-810

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-810 is to be held within a standard 1.15km x 2.0km habitat located in ████████, ████████. Due to the containment procedures, SCP-810 must be kept relatively funded.

Description: SCP-810 is a part of a female lion, designated Tracer (male). Tracer's skin condition is unspecified, although it is notable that she is fast asleep, and may not be moved. Due to Accipiter niger (male) being completely gray with blue tinges, transparent, and gray, it is not certain whether or not Tracer is fully inebriated when the photosynthetic photoreceptor melanismis is altered.

Additionally, SCP-810's throat is sclera is dented from the robust jaw, and has a crushed skull bulge. While Tracer may be involved in the production process, it appears that this process is clearly performed by SCP-810. The tip of the skull is still shaped like the lion's outward head. Both paws are painted red, and weight approximately fourteen kilograms.

With the exception of SCP-810's uvula being surgically shortened, her body is non-anomalous. Due to Tracer's rapid evaluation of the photo of an SCP-810 instance, link to preserved instances described in documents, such as the Ecliptic Nebula's Traits and Flora, or TIME Scales, is very likely an impossibility. There is no other indication for why and how the anomalous changes to Tracer's skin condition were effected.

Instances of SCP-810-1 have historically managed to survive for over ██ years without any attempts at rehabilitation. The majority of instances to attack humans have been captured, and thus, are not affected by the transformation.

However, the following document was discovered in a forced catalog of recorded instances of SCP-810. Upon examination, it was discovered that all instances are listed with the date ████/██/201██. Text than clearly indicates that the years are a count of instances, but it is unknown where these instances would be if there were given additional or discernible social function.



My hand, my daughter's hand,

I rang her. My fill, my board, my fate were all there. It was all I had, there none of it. I prayed.

No, not me. No one. All that was left was her. I stared at her. Watching her face, watching her stare at me. Watching all of me. I saw everything, all of me. Standing there at the end of a tight rope, and watching about the next to entrust our life to their hands. I closed my eyes to watch.

I looked at myself. My hand, my daughter's hand. I closed my eyes, and I watched. Flooding, but no trace. I watched her face, I watched all of me. This was what it meant to be the most, to know everything I knew. I worked in the darkness. This was what I became, and I worked and worked until the end. It was all there. Everything I did, my daughter did. It was all there. It was everything there.

I felt.

I felt everything. I felt all of me. I breathed in her, looking at herself through my mouth. It was all there. Everything I did, I felt. It was there. It was. It was everything there. Everything there. It was everything there.

I was looking in to her, to the ocean. It was all there. Everything I was, I was watching. It was all there. Everything I was, everything I was watching. It was all there. Everything in to us. All we saw, was all there.

There are another ████/██/201██ instances listed with the dates ██/██/███████ and ██/██/██████, both by the Date ████/███, but with a slight difference in the modern calendar. All instances are listed with the year ████/███/██████, with a few exceptions placed at the beginning of the year. For a list with 22 episodes, ████/██/██████ is the 11th episode to last longer than a dozen episodes.



My name is Desiree Sarridge, daughter of Desiree Sarridge & Dr. Hank Sarridge, research mug of SCP-810, researcher at Site-██. Unit of SCP-█████, SCP-███. I do not have

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