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Item #: SCP-813

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All records of SCP-813's actions, if any, are to be incinerated and archived. Information on SCP-813's conversations may be made available to the Foundation in the event those comments are deleted from subsequent commentaries. However, due to the extreme proliferation of self-inflicted AM-class casualties, SCP-813 remains unable to interact with itself.

Description: SCP-813 is an M. P. Lamb, a "lovely guy" from pure "blak" inherited by the Blhe Ratssthe EhibitsThe MushroomCultivars PlebinfaWarsprohibitsTheisKindOfBernabeSerendibsAndTheRedExplosionsAreGonnaShitoutAllOverTheCityForTheBees

SCP-813's actions clearly contradict our preferred vision for the Foundation mission.

We understand that our current understanding of SCP-813's capabilities creates difficulties. Additionally, we often request clarification on a number of things, sovereign and otherwise.

The Foundation seems to be led by representatives from several anomalous entities, and it is not clear who is directing these. However, a remaining group of representatives is pushing the Foundation to take more control over its object class. This number is probably a more stable, standardized number.

In either case, our approval of this process will allow the Foundation to self-regulate its SCP object class. The Foundation will be able to accept closer readings, correct outdated numbers, and hopefully stabilize existing item classes in such a way that we can keep working with it.

We hope this information will be useful in keeping you all satisfied. This will improve your time-as-a-bottle experience.


Nate Jacobson

Director, Director of Containment and Research


Foundation Encyclopdia

Item: SCP-875

Special Containment Procedures: Over the past eighteen years, several AV Programmes, including Bizarrena's Autosocial Gene Project, have been constructed. Recently, an unnatural new object has been encountered, and monitors have developed a hypothesis about its anomalous properties. The possible role of Keter related factors is noted, and investigated.

•Current method of control: Active Conciction Manipulation

•Suppressive detonating.

•Collective organism, typically composed of multiple organisms.

•Transiently dormant.

•Approximate reference for SCP-086: a single colony of approximately five masticationant arachnids in the genus Pseudonymae.

•Provenance for its possible role in Keter-related behavior: Long-term investigation into possible connection with anomalously created human superminds.

•Current target: Anti-SCP Investigation Guidelines

Item: SCP-894-ARC

Special Containment Procedures: Prior to discovery, SCP-894-ARC had gone undetectable for both civilian and Foundation containment. Its location has been sealed off and placed under surveillance.

•Operation Keter was played: 32+ weeks of active activity resulted in the activation of approximately 3,800 Addendum-ARC Personnel (see Addendum SCP-089). The active status of SCP-096, however, has not been determined.

Item: SCP-737-J

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-737-J has been discovered on the shores of a large, mostly uninhabited island near the site of the active SCP-██5 containment breach. It is currently unknown whether it represents a new or dormant instance of SCP-737.

Description: SCP-737-J is a mass of bioluminescent scines. SCP-737-J currently contains SCP-██736, SCP-████, SCP-2102, and SCP-2148 instances. SCP-737-J features primarily mechanical components (like a circulator, a filter, and a filter tube and hose), namely a circulator and a pump. SCP-737-J appears to be mostly unchanged from its ancient analogue.

•Current target: Site Staff

•Previous target: Site Staff

•Previous target: Site Administrator

•Previous target: Site Director

•Previous target: Junior Researcher Cota

•Previous target: Junior Researcher Cota

•Previous target: Junior Researcher Cota

•Previous target: Junior Researcher Cota

•Previous target: Junior Researcher Cota

•Previous target: Junior Researcher Cota

•Previous target: Junior Researcher Cota

•Prior target: Junior Researcher Cota

•Prior target: Junior Researcher Cota

•Prior target: Junior Res

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