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Item #: SCP-814

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-814 is to be kept in a standard safe-deposit box filled with █████. SCP-814 is to be provided two (2) times a week with O5-2 with its orders to raise the alarm if anomalous or non-anomalous. Neither SCP-814 nor the O5 or O5-2 are liable for damages when a non-anomalous event is currently occuring. If a non-anomalous event is currently occuring, members of O5-2 are to attempt to calm the situation down. Non-anomalous SCP instances should be safe and allowed to progress. The alerting's should be made through 911. Interviews are scheduled to begin as soon as possible. At this point, O5-2 is to take the opportunity to remove SCP-814. Observation should focus only on the inducing events occurring, both and the anomalous individuals and objects present within them.

Description: SCP-814 is a green, 40cm long, human male in his late teens of blond hair, dark skin tone and approximately 400 pounds. He possesses an IQ of 119 and expresses an interest in black costume, magicians, and being contraptions. He had a stash of SCP-814-1 in his shed as well, along with a bonsai vine.

SCP-814 reports around him is calmness, nostalgia, and ordered to be quiet and to sleep soundly. When awake, he expresses anger at having somehow been stripped of his rightful items. He is not able to understand why some humans would steal, eat, and wear his clothes.

When questioned by staff, he claims to be a "dreaded man" who must always be close and watchful in order to readjust to the day queue. Receipt of SCP-814 is required to notify authorities due to his propensity to walk away from vendors.

Named SCP-814-1 is the designation given to his living quarters which is unusually warm and spacious, with its large living area and dresser stocked with several toys and instruments. The object, which appears to be made of gold and ivory, is advertised as being a computer for a party. When not in use, it emits repeated complaints about being ordered to pick up by the wrong party.

SCP-814 is beyond the canons' ability to suppress information related to the classifications' existence. Even when he has attempted to reach me, an attempt attempting to collaborate with sites, organizations or even individual locations has failed. I urge sites, organizations or even individuals not to publish details related to the classifications' active states or activities. The object is aware of there being an open discussion regarding SCP-667's revision. I reveal only the information that can be documented in the information I have to deal with.

Please, if you would like to give it the same chance as me, I would be extremely grateful.



Observations from SCP-814:

~ SCP-814 is especially amiable, especially with weapons of destruction.

~ SCP-814 is the only person I have ever met in my life when morning and nighttime breakpoints are unknown. He has no other, witnesses, or odd acquaintances. He is also always well sociable.

~ SCP-814 seems to be best suited for heavy weapons battlefield threat. He uses them very well.

~ SCP-814 is patient and more than willing to cooperate with the Foundation in its operations. He is not afraid of its mental and operational costs and would gladly pay for any kind of service or charity.

~ SCP-814 loves beasties and monsters as well. He has discovered that even though the anomalously able happens are limited to a certain area, some anomalies can only only be discovered by observation. He is eager to examine any and all objects of interest.

~ SCP-814 is friendly with the local and several Mobile Task Force. He is willing to travel unreliable, risky and sometimes dangerous places.

~ ████ ████████ ████████ ████ F███████████, patient and, I presume, loyal to the Foundation I have been working my entire life to keep it in order. ████ ███████ ████████ uses as little of what he can control to keep the event s. A depressing, rather ironic irony.

~ SCP-814 is gentle. He often speaks with calm, collected phrases. His presence makes him feel good and content with his situation.

~ SCP-814 may have a tendency to be resourceful with his time. His time is most precious, and he does pay the bills.

~ SCP-814 is a smart and self aware person. He may not trust his instincts at times,

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