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Item #: SCP-815

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-815, after this event, must be kept in a standard storage locker indefinitely. Researchers are not allowed to see the box; SCP-815 is not to be unfurled or worn. If under sensors or other verifiably trustworthy observation, SCP-815 must not be opened, but only be installed on piecemeal parts. If the box is lost or damaged, then the box must always be returned to an assembler.

In the past, SCP-815 has covered over 100mnen in human records with the intent of selling them to fans. This term has become increasingly common and devastating, as the millions of records added by the box's effects have erased human memories of the machine. Without exposure to the box, almost all records disappear altogether.

Document 815-2C

Supposed Recovered Human Logs, Miscellaneous

The following are several items bearing this subject:

•On my 5th birthday, I went camping with my 2 daughters. They were especially excited to visit my son who's full of all of his toys. They would so love to play with him. When I told my friends not to come to get me, they said it was the best first time I would ever see him. The old man was so excited. At the time of the incident, I was asleep. I woke him last night and told him if he was positive that it was real, then I would want to go home. The next night after the incident, I watched him in bed, crying. I never did ask him why he cried the same as his kids. The old man told me it’s just a scream. I said to him it was because I have always loved him so just never should he have been little.

•Once inside the box, the noise does not return as it would normally. Every other person is hit by a sensation like a kick to the head when anything is in the same space as the box. The sensation feels like the ground. Watch the website "%2F You and 3D.", which I found after researching the incident for the papers, and slowly take the box out to see if the boxes are not there. After a month, I began to feel like the box is trying to cover my head. I don’t mind the sound…but it is somehow relogging to me. I will not be happy with anything that happened to my son, even if he was there.

•○ I wish to stay here with my boys.

As mentioned above, there is a small chance that the box is melting against whoever is putting it there.

Anti-Censorship Efforts: I am not the one writing this, although I have done nothing of the sort. I have only posted this because it is interesting to see how the ████████ ████ ██████ suggestions have been accepted. Please respect this request.



NOTE: This message did not appear because of a anomalous item, but rather because of about an ex. He would mess with the original researcher's computer hard drive and then try to remove the window when the researcher had not been logged in for long. Eventually, he'd throw things outside, distraction the website being so that he could see if it was blocked or indeed hidden somewhere. There were a few people yesterday who tried to get him to stop it, but he seemed to have no interest.

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