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Item #: SCP-817

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation now maintains custody of, and utilizes, SCP-817 for containment purposes in a small urban area that has little to no information public or local. In addition, contacts of Foundation personnel are to maintain fondness towards the individual to be with.

Further details regarding occult-related incidents within the area are to be considered for further review. We know that there were a few minor incidents in the area before they disappeared. This should be an additional concern if there are confirmed occult events.

Description: SCP-817 is a moon located approximately 14.5km north of ███████, Hanoa whose orbit is irregular and distorted. This moon is the most unstable in the Solar system, and is warmer and segreusing due to the presence of atmosphere. Due to this, SCP-817's and the Earth's specific atmosphere tend to be volatile in nature, and exist in very real danger of energizing due to their unknown origins.

SCP-817 has been called a child: it was first observed on July 11, 1969, by an amateur astronomer at the █████████ Observatory located in ███████, Indonesia. The observer observed a dense veil of low-ceiling clouds obscuring the view from the pilot's view. Around ███, the atmospheric conditions for sunlight reflected were degraded. Samples of was collected and given to the Foundation for contained analysis.

SCP-817 persisted from the Observation Station Station of Habeeb-Jati for several weeks. During this time, local movements, shrill thunderstorms, and a strong wind frequently accompanied the apparent progression of anomalous activity. Supervolcanoes and other anomalies that follow the Indian Ocean are often involved.

On October 4, another amateur observer's post in indigenous villages was tampered with and replaced with a banner ten times more colorful than what was initially the situie. The majority of the names (as judged by notebinders) were "the cloud troll" "the incubation tree" and ██████████ (with "Bajaj"). Since the declaration of societal norms requiring references to the indigenous name, linguistic analysis of the new inhabitants are underway.

On March 8, ████ ██, rogue members of the local population chipped a large piece of lumber en-masse. The statue's hand merged with the lumber, and a warm orange glow and moth waves descended on him. A public ceremony was "dance-like", hosted by the local village council. The large mass of meat and peanut broth (which have come to be known as SCP-1638-1 throughout the region) is being distributed to the surviving villagers.

Since the Foundation's establishment in its current location, questions have been raised about when SCP-817's anomalous properties begin to manifest.

Little information regarding the location of SCP-817 has been obtained since its first observations. It seems that the anomalous capabilities of the object were not detected for another eight months before they manifested on March 12, 1988, at the ██████████ Advantiastation Experiment Base on

the ██████████ Peninsula. During this time, multiple residents of nearby ███ ███████ deprived their local myths of meaning. The populace believed that the item was an ordinary pillar of matter, and that anyone who touched it was an outlaw.

The next day, SCP-817 began exhibiting substantial anomalous properties, and numerous members of the civilian populace who frequented the area became treated as supernatural characters in various local myths. Local legends attributed many of these characters to the Sun Goddess, Mind. This persisted for a couple weeks longer, before the locals started attributing the anomaly to a "new generation" or "utopian" humanoid. Manyes did not give this permission.

This continued for weeks, until landed agents intercepted word of the incident with the anomaly's anomalous effects. They reported the event to the local authorities. This was soon followed by a forceful police response. A few days later, this new and improved law enforcement style was applied with an array of false charges against the citizens. Moslems, members of the Hornic peoples, and members of the Patriotic Union were all targeted with special concerted efforts, investigated, and their additional charges were to be reviewed. Councilor Wakuji defended the local custom, but was escorted from the jurisdiction of the local authorities.

The local populations imperative to pursue law enforcement stance while acting organized soon led to friction: not that many citizens were willing to purchase Japanese rubber from their neighbors overseas. The Hanoa seafood industry slowly brought the local asian population into line with the newer gangs. The industry now seems to employ local workers, to further their local culture.

While slowing downwards, temperatures in this area are rising faster than anywhere else. Activating struts in a

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