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Item #: SCP-818

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each instance is to be secured against unauthorized entry. Information pointing to SCP-818-1 is to be removed and covered.

Due to the recent disappearance of All-American Animatronics, the anomalous nature of SCP-818's near-constant capabilities, and SCP-818's hostility toward personnel, the documentation of this document will be relatively short.

Overview of SCP-818

SCP-818 is a singular forgettable item. Usually, the property easily establishes its identity as a duplicate. For the purposes of this document, however, the SCP-818 derelict exhibits a few distinguishing characteristics of its own. For one thing, it's simply a giant pile of garbage.

SCP-818's most notable feature is its eye. SCP-818 also exhibits a tiny tail, which it uses to reach out from the pile, occasionally drawing it to itself. This tail, however, does not contribute anything to the collection.

SCP-818 frequently is seen surrounded by piles of garbage, leading observers to jump in fright. SCP-818 doesn't actually do anything to the lake and doesn't display any observable unusual behavior. It is, as such, generally not a problem.

But, in the last several weeks, some have been showing signs of distress. SCP-818 tends to become involved with some of the trash. Its retrieval protocols have been updated to avoid that, but especially long stories of where it came from, it has yet to be observed.

SCP-818 also has a special effect on those that appear within its vicinity. It, and any part of the item it's attached to, causes all organic lifeforms to be drawn into its vicinity.

When collected and processed, this property causes change to all organic lifeforms within a 50m radius of SCP-818. This hasn't yet been observed with humans, though it is very possible. (Note that this effect can be transferred to cats too.)

In addition, people that are caught within the area of effect while picked up by SCP-818 continue to exhibit a few unusual traits. SCP-818 will leave a trail of its own making, often accompanied by a roach. It will leave only a full trail, usually accompanied by a rattlesnake that harasses any passerby. Subjects exposed to this effect report simply muttering about scratching themselves, while hearing the exact sounds a rodent makes. It will attack any who attempt to legally approach it.

It will then leave some trash behind him, or just walk over its pile. It has also never so much as walked into a good yard.

Incredibly, the most creepy/disturbing effect is that the affected areas will be filled only by trash. The effects, however, begin gradually. The original object that caused this effect will cease to drop objects, but will instead appear like, or to be affected by wererat ears.

And, of course, it will completely destroy all lifeforms in the area affected by this effect.

Addendum: The reason SCP-818 is so successful is that can of cat piss drop out of whomever touches it. This means that there's no leeway for the effects around the actual object itself, and it restricts the areas affected by it altogether.

As such, it's best to avoid contact with it at all costs.

To addendum: After careful review of reports from visitors found that the affected areas destroyed were predominantly human bodies, we have created more safe living quarters.

Special Containment Procedures

First thing, visit SCP-818 before going any further! To view images related to the SCP-818 derelict, click here.

Ask Site-81-Alpha, if it's nearby or not; they have experience handling anomalous items and can tell us what they know about the object.

If the object isn't contained, we can tell you about it.

SCP-818's containment procedures are to be followed, but please be advised that certain areas of the affected areas are only being scanned for other anomalies and used for training.

Any interaction, other than travel into the affected areas or testing, is only permitted when the object is still contained.

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-818 is large, and its affected areas are both dark and quite dark. Attempts to enter within these areas are very difficult, due to the efforts and efforts of the Foundation.

The exception to the containment procedures is the classification of the object. The object's "Containment Procedures" page appeared on their containment site prior to the object being brought into Foundation custody. A reason for this is currently unknown.

Containment of the object was first necessary at the very beginning, but that time has been part

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