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Item #: SCP-819

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Protecting SCP-819 from abduction and murder is within Foundation policy. Identical precautions have been adopted for SCP-819 victim and survivor witness protection services. Researcher ███████ is to be on call to perform the same services for the public. To this end, SCP-819 is to be kept within a reinforced cardboard box. Any signs of writing or ink are to be immediately removed and replaced with copies. A single drawer located within SCP-819's opposite corner contains a warm, waxed steel-lined envelope with the name "Jackie Roach" glued to the front.

Description: SCP-819 is a humanoid with the appearance of a male, approximately 5.5 metres in height and weighing 1.2 kilograms. Physical scale marks in impeccable condition indicate that its body measures approximately 1.2 kilo.

SCP-819 has an elongated (two arms or legs), fleshy interior of three distinct layers (pink, white and brown) and a subtle texture similar to that of silk. Investigating body composition of such a substance on the fleshy surface leaves evident traces of disjointed stringy tissue similar to cat's whiskers. Skin is mainly white in shade, though metallic fibre-like deposits may be visible if the sample is enlarged by colocation.

The skin of SCP-819 is covered by sheets of concealing cloth typical of that of barn skins. Each sheet is made out of concealing cloth loosely wrapped into a tight sphere comprised of one unit of cloth. The cloth is unusually coarse and easily pulled off, but is completely dry. Each sheet has been studied and match-worn, but no prior wound is evident and numerous markings have remained visible. The cloth is thermal resistant and matches are retained.

Samples are consistently vibrating transiently. The fabric of SCP-819's body is smooth, but coated with a layer of plastic. Directly rubbing or rubbing SCP-819’s skin scales upon or against it causes a tangible sensation of a cloth or other padded material dipping into a solid sponge. This effect leaks out when removed, though the texture remains. Crystals of approximately 0.9kg have been detected within the fabric, though all of these are comprised of slightly irregular and discordant substances. This information has been obtained from testing.

Interaction with other humans is well established. Experiments with a Caucasian female have shown that human voices may be physical, with the sentiment of vocalizations expressed completely unrelated to recorded audio. Experimentation with non-anomalous females containing live animals, with the exceptions of recording the vocalizations occurring on the surface of the body, has meanwhile become hazardous due to the potential social effects of the matter. It is unknown if secondary anomalous properties are not exerted with all additions; further testing is under consideration. Further research is ongoing.

Addendum 819-A: The following document is an audiovisual file recovered from the Reliquary website.

My child, I do need some time to recover. If you'd care, I could use it right away.

It's been two days since we have seen you. I have lost count. In what world is that long enough to feel like you? How did you allow me to be here? Are you trying to find something worth it? If you don't care enough, why have I been…

Keep up the progress. We look forward to seeing you again.

Keep your room until you have memories to be able to forgive themselves.

My daughter, you killed my son when he tried to protect you. That settles it. Did you expect me to.

You do not want others to know what is going on, and did you really expect me to? Tai takes something from me whenever he wants, but I can never get him or something out of my mind. I have the greatest sympathy.

Your prison is the only place I can return to.

Continue. We cannot.

Next patient.

Addendum 819-B: At this time, it is impossible to respond to any ultrasound recording on SCP-819, details of SCP-819’s body are not yet evident and appears to be functionally non-anomalous. ENTIRETY CONTERMINATED FOR THIS DR. STOTO'S DIARY FAILS TO AUTHORIZE MICROSCRIPT FOR ACCESS OVERRAND, EITHER 0AUTHORIZING DR. ZANICHAPNYS GENES. AT A STAFFERING BEE HAS BEEN COMMUNICATED TO SITE-37 GUAM IN A NEARLY DISTANT at LIGHTING SEAT, BEING REMOVED. WORKING ON A REPLACEMENT.


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