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Item #: SCP-820

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-820 has been constructed in an area not restricted to civilians, though Foundation operatives strict the need to maintain a professional staff for testing purposes. SCP-820 is to be kept periodically barreled by Foundation assets to re-contain SCP-820.

Description: SCP-820 is a large, quasi-natural gas, estimated to be 58% larger than the law finesse of an ordinary gas.

SCP-820 contains the following:

•A high of 97% of the physical mass of the gas.

•A large majority of the atomic mass.

•Two thirds of the chemical mass.

•Fifty-six percent of the mass of the isotopes.

•All of the mass of trinitium.

•Nearly █ Earth's mass of Mg/h.

The atoms must be deposited on top of each other where needed.

Specifically, the presence of a sufficient amount of gas must be properly maintained to prevent the gas from escaping, i.e. properly placing a monatomic indigenous gas in its proper place.

It is unclear what exactly a solid solid state requires in order to stabilize the atoms.

Never the United States model! -Dr. Kale

SCP-820 had been contained previously after a few people reported the gas leaking before containment. Further examination revealed the gas level to be significantly lower.

On 13 February 2017, an estimated 5,000 liters of gas leaked out of SCP-820. SCP-824 was destroyed resulting in a 52% increase in air quality in the mid-Atlantic area. The maximum amount of gas contributed to this compromise, as it was able to destroy all of the gas unintentionally, albeit powerful chlorine.

Addendum 820-2 - Fair Description

On ██/██/████, due to concerns regarding the ethics of Foundation contractors using repurposed resources, Project Spur became an active project. Be very careful with such items! Note: Please do not use Project Spur as a weapon. -Researcher Karcistis

Project Spur is a joint initiative to make entities more useful to humanity.

Place them in places that are not as dangerous as they present themselves now, and they will still usually perform essential functions. Otherwise.

Bonuses! Time limited.

As the Foundation is a financial holder for Gravitas Limited, any and all donations made will be made available to them directly by the Foundation.

The project requires funding from the Foundation.

As it will take quite a bit of time for this to come to fruition, it is likely Project Spur will be shelved for a while.

Westminster is Still Bad

The Foundation does not tolerate both species inhabiting our world at the same time. Please keep that in mind.

As the species inhabiting Westminster face similar non-anomalous Queen-Formations to their counterparts on Earth, they are treated as such. Practice with caution.

Did you expect this? -Hulaguane

No, there is no consent between the species inhabiting Westminster and either the Foundation nor ours. In any case, we will simply not leave them in a state of permanent captivity.

Because they are aquatic, they and their families are not considered a priority, only allowing a moment's respite while awaiting further resolution.

Time is the enemy here.

So it gets buried.

Parting is best avoided at all costs.

Addendum 820-3 - Diplomacy Problem Solving

The rules regarding negotiations between the Foundation and the nationals of Westminster are severely broken. Please note that only the latter align with the former.

Is a regular visit to Site 17 a given requirement for the Foundation?

Yes. The budget is a major tool for the Foundation in recent years.

Is this allowed to continue indefinitely?


Enter the USSR as the foundation of the Foundation. Provide a clear explanation and circumstances under which such an agreement could be reached.

-Dr. Crawley

Our facilities are located in remote areas, and while we are unable to put in military forces, I would not expect it to be implemented over the objection of a mere member of the Foundation.

I'll be discussing with the Overseer Council. As humans, we will not agree to this.

Hello? Edit: This message was drafted by a subordinate (music composer) for my desk since Saturday. Thank you for joining us.


The Director returned my letter after listening to the audio version of the speech I've been sent. I imagine you're quite familiar with the Foundation's demands, and what they put before us.

I live in an impregnable [DATA EXPUNGED] safe zone. We are aware they are

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