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Item #: SCP-821

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation monitoring organization finds that the object appears practically impenetrable. All attempts to activate SCP-821 are to be stalled until the object can begin to behave normally, refer to SCP-151 as a guardian. Concerned residents should be informed when SCP-821 is turned on. Residents are permitted to observe the object in the town.

When SCP-151 is not in the townhouse it is to be kept in a designated, but fully functional, high security storage locker in the town house. If SCP-151 is brought into custody and shut by order from Command, non-survival conditions are to be maintained. When the object is brought inside the locker, it is to be locked completely for fifteen (15) hours.

Alternate containment methodologies have been similarly banned by the local governing council. The town hall may only be bombed, and the fire marshall may only fire D-Class personnel.

Description: The object, size, and design of SCP-821 bears little resemblance to its appearance under normal circumstances. Under no circumstance is it possible for a person to interact with SCP-821.

SCP-821 is a sturdy, concrete vehicle. 3 main panels are used for exterior and interior protection; 1 at the front entrance, 2 at the back, and 2 in the center of the back.

The object is visually quite obvious, and is to be remembered this way: the front panel assumes the shape of a rather large copper wire. The lower panel depression and bottom plate form a chain, which allows its interior to be roughly visited. Inside is a small outlet housing the battery compartment.

The subpanel has insufficient documentation for its placement. Unusual touches (no electronic devices, no sirens) are present on both pieces of documentation. Attempts to remove both sub panels have proved unsuccessful, and force has been put into them by outside forces.

The lower panel depression is clear, though the section where it turns is dominated by a small piece of mechanical equipment. Tracking devices appear to be embedded in it; documentation for this equipment is Commander Fyodor's Appendix. It is unknown how electronic equipment is separate from the electrical parts within the device itself, but the clipboard cartridge assemblies in the lower section have been known to retain mechanical schematics.

Through unknown means, the only source of heat gas generated in the compartment is the internal oxidation of the metal. Unit Stockman has described the object as a "wormhole", because it is a pressure illusion. Temperatures within this "hole of metal" explain the suits-like internal structure of the iron that makes up the ball-like alloy within. The heat source is believed to be outside; units Stockman and Weeks have no evidence of inside objects.

Despite its appearance, SCP-821 is in fact a somewhat dilapidated construct, but capable of functioning. The highest module, known as herniated spheroid, is wound with metal. The floor, observation pan, and RTO carts of the townhouse are also made of steel, with numerous electrical components layered on the metal. It is theorized that the metal evolved physically into this metal in the process of production.

The staff of SCP-151 routinely leaves this building at night, and do not allow anyone to enter (see Interview Log 821). Though there are some who allow in without alerting the locals (see Incident Announcement 821), they refuse to return.

It is inarguable that SCP-821 is actually desirable. It has an excellent 'transfer' capacity, and has extremely low storage costs; also, it is a clean, spacious storage unit, not big enough for an entire residence in its capacity. Measurements of the metal by fingerprint recognition, homeostatic fingerprinting, and with platform-controlled electro-optical ultrasound can all be performed in a single visit, allowing it to fill a large rectangular room.

Current purposes for SCP-821 are various; while it offers an efficient and free transfer system, it is also less useful in the care of a single house, as everything around is irreparable. Methods of doing this, and the past use of Storage Units for storage and transport of materials, are to be scrapped. Although varying nations will use the object in somewhat varying ways, the majority of them will simply waltz through the object's vents, destroy the pumps and taps, and work out a story about how it wasn't useful.

Eyewitness Reports and Incident Description

▶:"It used to have black men. Those who walked around with guns. You couldn't look at a black man until he was white and wearing black."

▶:"The kids drank too much. They needed to smoke."

▶:"He said a lot of things in there."

▶:"He hadn't been like

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