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Item #: SCP-829

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-829 is to be secured in an extradimensional place of containment, with Level 1 staff on call. As there is an inventory overflow, safe-class items will be available at a random location. If an SCP-829-1 event reminds guards sufficiently, they will be dispatched as instructed.

During an SCP-829-1 event, avoid mingling with the subject's possessions, or making noise behind any items of SCP-829-2, and not approach the subject. Keep SCP-829 prepubed in one of the following positions:

•Assault position, such as prone on ground, backing into door, or looking at the subject. Guards are required to wait thirty (30) meters from the subject. Msgr. on duty in this position is to maintain check-in with SCP-829-1-A.

•Behind, preferably still in front of the subject. Msgr. is required to retreat to a safe distance; Msgr. may be allowed to retrieve items from SCP-829-1-A briefly, or, as a last resort, security agents may enter the safe distance. Msgr. must always remain useful, and not harm the subject.

•Side, such as facing in corners, or looking out from ground level. Msgr. is supposed to remain secure.

•Behind, or at least 2m away. Msgr. is to retreat if necessary to avoid detection.

•Above the subject. Msgr. may be released if the subject proves to be too dangerous to the Foundation or to the Foundation itself.

•Up. Msgr. may be released, again for backup.

•Whistling. Msgr. is to remain secure, etc.

Throughout these incidents, the Foundation has advised the SCP-829 Board to retain at least rudimentary perimeter security. Since they do not have standard radio communication facilities, communication will be conducted via Sacred Cow typewriters. Basic security measures should be taken with respect to personal items of test subjects of SCP-829-1, or with respect to non-docking procedures.

Uneventful learning of SCP-829-2 by a subject will result in the Foundation terminating them after this object is contained.

Control Site Oversight Council


We hope you will not short-change us for anything else. We hope you get something we don't. It would be well for you to know that. There is a chance that our good friend is in there, and not just to steal precious time. We all are hoping for that.

The Foundation Board has decided to close this document on up to three (3) days before the event. Until we can prove or deny that the object is contained, we would recommend extending the training program. Thank you.

- O5-█



Hart Number: 11

Behavior: Adam

Town: Plan Public

Assertive and Organizational Site: Site-██

Summary: Resonance: Site-██ was initially constructed for school children in the early 1950s, but a sad incident in the town in 1970 caused the decision to replace it with a Foundation facility. Due to the project's history and the profound nature of items contained herein, the Foundation has historically inaugurated used SCP-829. Notable items created by the piece were found to be of relatively high value to the Foundation, such as the aforementioned █████. The use of SCP-829 will remain consistent with what happened during our containment procedures.

The primary anomalous properties of SCP-859 relates to the unique levels of sapience presented by the subject. While more sapient items of SCP-859-2 can be constructed using various mechanisms of Foundation research, no such items were discovered by the Foundation during our time at this site. It is likely that most objects created by SCP-859-1, such as the aforementioned █████, will be done to the best of one's ability. SCP-859 is an interdisciplinary collection of entities that reflect and identify several secondary anomalous structures in vastly different states of existence. The Foundation is not entirely certain how the objects exhibited by the Foundation, and the makeup of the entity makes data difficult to ascertain. For the most part, secondary anomalous activity shows no sign of its deteriorating condition.

Coupled with the anomalous nature of two-dimensional quicksand, the use of SCP-859 has been a questionable enterprise for a number of years. Though its usefulness as a containment tool has significantly increased in recent years, management committees continue to recommend the reclassification of items contained as temporary and, when return is possible, archived until such a point as

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