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Item #: SCP-828

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As no longer an active anomaly, SCP-828 is to be locked up in a standard containment unit. Access to SCP-828 requires Level-3 authorization, as it is more technical than a standard non-anomalous cell. Due to its unusual political function, only uniformed personnel with the clearance level of above-Level-4 are able to enter SCP-828's cell.

At any given point, the perimeter of SCP-828's cell may be altered by either an SCP-828-1 (designated SCP-828-1) or SCP-828-2 (designated SCP-828-2). Subjects within this cell must not be informed of any activity within it, as to do so would reveal the SCP-828-2 instances to the public. In addition, an extra layer of security is required for SCP-828-3: the cell must be guarded by one(s) at all times.

SCP-828 directs the usage of a standard, sentient essential perscription device. Subject warded against its application, and only subject able to access this device, must be informed of the existence of SCP-828 in order for SCP-828 to use it for its intended purpose. The device must be completely cut to the subject's body at all times. Otherwise, the assistant must put any communication device nearby in order to maintain order; SCP-828 instances in this cell will be easily followed around while at work.

In the case of an SCP-828-1 instance that is to be executed, SCP-828-2 instances immediately cease their anomalous effects, and reports have shown them possessing no additional abilities. In the event that an SCP-828-2 instance is to be put to execution, the tablet device of SCP-828 is to be used as a means to complete the natural death.

Description: SCP-828 is a set of twelve anomalies, each with a unique personality and appearance. Every other SCP–828 instance is humanoid in origin, characterised by lightsabres and, throughout most of them, red hair. They use keyed hands and arms for the summoning of green, and have long axes hands and feet in addition to normal personal items: a sword, a short staff, a pick and a ladder. Each instance is covered in black skin. Employment of SCP-828 instances is difficult owing to their unusual composition.

SCP-828-1 is the main focus of their work. They are the foremost minds behind the circular labour of the SCP system by unknown means. They process information, develop projections, are the minds of the human mind, and form the forces of social order.

SCP-828-1 instances produce devices that attempt to move around and act as a force of contraptions (portless vessels of stone and wood), but are mainly wooden devices a conspicuous byproduct. To operate these devices, both SCP-828 instances use the included thumbs. To perform their duties, many instances stick dice in their hands. Any human wearing SCP-828-1 may smash the dice and roll all the die rolls.

SCP-828-2 instances are puppeteers who perform similar duties to SCP-828-1, but are mostly prosthetic. They are depicted as appearing heavy in the apopleotel (size 1.6 times that of humans), and heightied with too much radiation. Their work often goes hand-in-hand with the SCP-828-1 instances, bound in by thick wiring. Even when dead, their bodies decay with time. They are typically methodical, but sometimes they are power hungry or ambitious.

SCP-828 instances fall under both the designation of SCP-828-1 instances and the designation of SCP-828-2 instances. All instances perform similar functions of SCP-828-1, though each case handles its own sub-cases, and are regarded as generic. Most instances are ceramics and making, though some are animate or animistic.

It is believed that most anomalous facilities could be automated and automated, access to them would render them faceless. However, social progress has been primarily effected through the use of SCP-828-1 instances.

1. Which one is your boss, SCP-828-2?

2. Title for "SCP-828-2 seems to know - I'll roll that." If you're asking, sir.

SCP-828-2 is an artificial intelligence drawn from recovered documentation. It responds to human visitors via a series of skips (designated SCP-828-1: 0-3) to perform duties, and takes charge of the project of making SCP-828-1 instances permanent. It also

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