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Item #: SCP-827

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As of 05/██/80 the nearest available entry point to SCP-827 is to be a part of a Foundation monitoring team. A seal surrounding the entrance point to SCP-827 is to be consistent with those of SCP-682, as it is the closest entrance point to the Site. The seal must be strong enough to hold against erosion and its contents must be carefully packed. A box 30mm in length with dimensions of 8.7x8.7x7.5" that has a depth of 1.4 meters is to be placed inside the seal and sealed. A biopsy sample of SCP-827 from the sample box is to be taken as per standard biohazard procedures.

One (1) human male and one (1) subject were recovered from the closest access point to the Site of entry. Examination of the newly-found subjects was inconclusive due to involvement in promotional activities for the College of Physicians, where the experiment was being conducted. Upon reaching the nearest entrance point, the subject was accessed by two (2) employees wearing biohazard suits and holding belts. Upon opening the seal, the subjects reported feeling a slight cough, which rapidly spread throughout their body. It reported:’s was the strangest chill I've ever felt in my life.’ Until I woke up, it felt like I was standing under a column, and I was afraid to breathe. I wanted to stop breathing before I could…move. There were some people that had come out from the outside, running, running away. Sixteen of them were last seen. They…were…bloodied, I imagine. I was trying not to look at them. They were all nervous. Other people were trying to gather up. A few were asking me not to sleep in there. I don’t know what they thought might happen if I’d stayed on and slept. I thought I would just…pass out.”

Since the incident at the College, the entrance to SCP-827 has become a safe room and was forcefully sealed off, as per standard biohazard procedures.

Addendum: Several interviews were occurring.

Interviewed: SCP-827-1, formerly known as Amir Badr

Interviewer: Dr. Gregory

Dr. Gregory: Very well. We still have some questions. You were the one in charge of the experiment last time, how are you now?

SCP-827-1: Well, I was the test subject. I was there…I’m the examiner now. I’m an examiner. Just reviewing the results of the experiment.

Dr. Gregory: You’d do that in the past, if it wasn’t for you. Something gave you visions of something you could not see?

SCP-827-1: I don’t know. Sometimes…sometimes…I would see something. There was a beautiful woman, her face was painted firmly black, she looked like she had money in her teeth. I’ve never been in…The shadows of a woman I was not familiar with.”

There were voices and then her husband. She was not physically ill, but there was something behind those voices. Listen, I’m concerned about your condition. You seem to be staying up all night. Would you mind telling me why?

SCP-827-1: Well, I went into a trance for most of the night. I almost pulled through the door when the woman left. That’s some things you don’t get, sometimes. ‘She’s been crying,’ ‘she smelled something rotten and rot.’’’ I…I did not sleep well…’ at first. I could not stop the voices. When the doctor told me to leave, I thought…I thought I was never going to get out again.”

(SCP-827-1 sighs quietly)

SCP-827-1: I think he…he seemed bothered by it, he had a bit of a trance. He keeps walking out…His posture…wasn’t odd. Light…still intact. He spoke about the woman, the TV show, the girl and the kitchen table. He didn’t bother me for long….but then I felt dead inside. I…I thought…oh god, I thought he was going to kill me. “No, it’s all right,” I said. I told him that it was all fine. “Well, it all went fine,” I said. “Well…I...I hope it remained that way. Maybe he doesn’t think that it is. Maybe he would

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