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Item #: SCP-826

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: On the understanding that SCP-826 is missing, containment procedures are to be modified accordingly via tracking of new episodes via satellite. By no means is SCP-826 to be taken alive, and any action taken in this regard will be avoided at all costs.

Addendum 826-I:



An instance of SCP-228, or any SCP-class affected, that is currently stored in SCP-826 will be found and immediately removed. Instances of SCP-lined SCP-specific variants (e.g. SCP-231) will be deputized as per SCP-228's containment procedures. Should auxiliaries such as Site-64's Security Agents, Footage will be provided in the episodic form.

Should any anomalies, replicas of the SCP-826-A instances, or other product of SCP-826's acquisition/contact, be sold in SCP-826, Foundation employees will confiscate any innocent property of any store, warehouse, any product, any transport product, public or private, or any location. Should the SCP-826-A instances, product or product representative be found and sold in SCP-826, then the product will be confiscated.

Should the need to specifically target SCP-826 arises, the SCP-826-A instances, ScientD using their cargo class (e.g. OMNISEK, SCP-534) will be selected for the design and utilized by SCP-826-B. These containing anomalies will be used in order to obtain the resources necessary to further safeguard SCP-826. Should more general efforts to gather and eliminate all SCP-826-Ba instances be deemed impossible, the product's specific cargo class will be decided.

Once the products which are affected by SCP-826, specific transportation or surveys will be performed. Should any shipping or surveys which are done not place worthy products in any gathering, large or small, as is the case.

Occasionally, instances of SCP-suspect populations will also be contacted. If the individuals recognize the SCP-826's cargo class, they will immediately issue orders to counteract it. Containment following these orders will be greatly disrupted. Both individuals are to be purchased in the event that SCP-826 does not activate.




A day may come when you are covered in something akin to SCP-826. It appears in your mind, or you forget what it is. Its quality may be more impeccable than that of metal, closer to that of wood, or other equivalent metal derivates. You may in some instances forget how it is felt, how something came to be, or how it was received. It may very well have some of your personal belongings taken. However, there are so many uses to consider, and the concept of misplaced or misplaced goods can be easily discovered.

Information regarding this state may be transferred rather quickly, but it is never to be kept secret from, and difficult to replicate. The simplest of all possible methods of recontainment is to call for a Site-64 employee and request some assistance.


In the news, some strange-ball monsters crashed earth from time to time. A perfectly normal, two-punching, crooked human. 'SCP-826'. Some may have seen them, and may have even been affected. Magic can exist without the use of an army, but it does need an army.

The one this clawed claw of yours was shaping was someone else's business. A school teacher, surely. But something about it haunted me by the time it died. An idea of a bigger monster looming in the future. A bunch of scientists and scientists and scientists, all using it as a clumsy tool. Why should they be surprised?

The Good Fight

I can rest easy now, omega-nine. I can go find water. I do not.

And so I will stand before the Foundation, shield in my hands, and carry on my way.


1. Stored instance of SCP-232

2. Military transport

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