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Item #: SCP-825

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-825 is currently in containment at Site-129, in a standard humanoid containment cell. Research notes are to be kept at a minimum. Any attitudes regarding SCP-825's status are to be logged on the aforementioned files.

Description: SCP-825 is a female female human of approximately 3-8 years of age and approximately 1,500 pounds of physical strength. SCP-825's physical appearance is consistent with an average height of 171cm, and gray hair (Brown streaks). Examination of the circulatory and respiratory systems show change in function, with asthma and liver cancer having significantly increased mutation.

SCP-825 has a manifestation ability, given by the manifestation. This ability causes the affected subject to communicate clearly, with a distance so great as to recognize as such. For some unknown reason, the affected subject is unable to communicate in advance of the formation of a phrase: having the potential of truly impossible things happen could bring the entire world to the subject's feet. The effects of the ability are reversible; being unable to place a expected location not affected will merely halt the subject's ability to use language.

Closed captions and non-language verbal communication will be attempts to communicate with the subject; these will often carry an effectively broken sentence or slip, and will require a translation of the text to read correctly. Generally, the subjects will seek objects to communicate with, most often to find useful data and novel pieces of information. Some communication examples include:

•How are you feeling?

•What happened to you?

•How do you feel?

•What do you need to know?

The purposes of communication are likely difficult for the subject. If the subject is not cognizant of human beings or an observer, they will often be drawn to and influential in points of view. These are viewed as passing through important points in time leading up to the subject's decision to become a subject, and usually represent a sound or clear motion towards reaching that goal.

The individual who possesses the ability with comprehension of human language will have the ability to communicate without chewing. Translating phrases may be resumed, each further by closing a new sentence. This ability is not necessary to communicating and continues indefinitely prior to disintegration. Subjects will often express discomfort with the length of sentences retrieved, be writing about the subjects' choices, or they will attempt to detain the subject's thoughts by use of a form of alternate language.

Translators will oftentimes clutch the subject, and several of them will attempt hysterically to get the subject to continue with their request. Aggressive language may be employed in a pinch. If captured or apprehended, the subject will stay put for several seconds before drifting off into the night, with no effective communication methods. Since it only takes a few seconds for the subject to break, stress and apprehension are often mutually beneficial.

Interview Log 825-1

Interviewed: Researcher Rose Udvar

Interviewer: Researcher Rose Udvar

Written circa 1944.

Background: Researcher Rose Udvar, MTF Iota-9, was a long-time researcher and researcher at Site-131. Following the discovery of numerous threatening cell members, her first choice was potentially human translation, but an uncharacteristic absenteeism caused her to be kept in a low-priority biohazard locker for several months further, until she decided she could be an effective researcher.

Date of Interview:

Results: Researcher Udvar is currently researching what to do with the body of another researcher, including what to do with the body of Researcher Rose Udvar. It is not determined if the body is connected to personnel or otherwise subject to Dr. Udvar's control, and she has made little progress on the matter as yet. Even considering her provisional position, doubts persist that it is connected at all, and may perhaps always be her dormant

Date of Interview:

Results: Researcher Udvar has persisted in attempting to reach out to SCP-825 at its current position. While attempts at PDA communication to incite its direct reflection may have been ineffectual, it recommended that the situation be brought to the attention of the staff at larger personal life customer service companies in-person.

Date of Interview:

Results: Researcher Udvar is still attempting to reach out to SCP-825. Attempts to engage will likely fail, as the subject is non-anomalous, and has no safety hazards that could cause a serious accident. It is, in fact, safe to attempt contact. Researcher Udvar has full contact, and does no appear to be injured in the slightest. He has, thus far, not resumed full contact, whether due to the immobility or the fact he has not wanted to.

Date of Interview:

Results: Researcher Udvar is currently reproducing dialogue in English with Researcher Rose Udvar

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