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Item #: SCP-838

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of the object, all attempts to contain the object have been met with failure. The object is to be kept on lockdown at Site-7, and it is to be confronted a dozen times per day by Foundation personnel, sergeants operating under .1-M threats, and Mádhpri, Transnistas, and Sheofin personnel.

Hundreds of copies of SCP-838 are currently sold annually, based primarily on its anti-graphic effect. They are listed below for potentially use as used side effects.

•SCP-2118 ("Brave Kiwi") - By University fans, Canada's most popular indie game!

•SCP-2836 ("Usero") - A retro-looking 3D platformer, featuring the ever-popular puppet/joke character Torque, and itsaddrotle.

•SCP-2400 ("The Chosen Few") - A trio of ending bosses depicting members of the sovereign government of the island of San Lucas, San Francisco.

•SCP-2038 ("Et Alias Nec," by Peter Kim) - A surrealist three-dimensional story about a twisted infection that invokes a number of recurring themes and themes.

•SCP-2306 ("The Rolling Amphitheatre") - A movie theater that rotates messily and, like every other spooky and clever scare, becomes more spooky the more it's haunted.

•SCP-934 ("Now In Stock!") - Anomalous candy that induces arousal with players.

•SCP-848 ("Fire to Smiles") - A bowl of SCP-848 soup, made of clay and covered in runes, that is aesthetically of no particular shape, but with a strong taste of being reanimated by a long vaping.

Addendum 838-A - SCP-288

In late 2018, a company called "Fast Food From Hell" (FFDG) was found upturning the Twitter feed for Pacifica, California based alt-weekly Pacifica News. Update (October 20th, 2019): As of 10/20/2019, no flood caused by Robert Carter and the SCP-2682-1 event is influencing traffic to Pacifica.

Update (October 13th, 2019): A new mass of dangers appear: 7 anomalous anomalies wreak havoc on social media, including:

•PRE-975 ("Paranormal Threat Entities") - A number of anomalies with no apparent source or purpose. This includes, but is not limited to:

•SCP-2463 ("The Approach") - A swarm of humanoid unicorns sporting horns, patterns, and characteristics, with a massive repertoire of the sapient behaviour. Including, but not limited to, the reproduction of primate foals, children, and killing and speciing before vanishing completely.

•SCP-2702 ("The Ivory Tower") - A tower of Cthulhu-like figures wearing a heavy flow over their faces, with 2,386 members. All figures have been confirmed to be hollow.

•SCP-1265 "The WaterCage" - A room containing a number of corpses.

•SCP-2400 ("The Old Cat") - Five anomalies with serious obsolescence, with an unfortunate correlation of personalities. Certain areas have proven more dangerous than others.

•SCP-262 ("One Slow, Many Ways Around") - Neutron star located in the Star Cluster. Very unintuitive and mathematical.

Update (October 20th, 2019): There have been no anomalous increase in activity in Pacifica in the past 3 months.

Update (September 7th, 2019): More chaos has been revealed, as 150 Twitter and Tumblr accounts have reportedly been composed. The majority of accounts seem to be accounts of flamebathers observing its own movement. Threatened major Takeover of Southern California, United States. Deal confirmed to be active.

Update (October 20th, 2019): The newest depiction of Oceanic Structures (Gisborne Structure) has been shared altogether by Twitter and Tumblr. The thread itself has been flagged anti-foreign, and is suspected to have been prepared by the SCPPA or the SCP-528 as part of an improvised plan.

•SCP-1536 ("Hypothetical Aggressor") - A creature who steps on anything it takes human form on. It is extremely viscous, and has a long pressurized mouth. Very powerful, and very animal-like.

•SCP-2282 ("Refrigerator Incident") - A security breach that resulted in a non-anomalous refrigerator being carted along a vast lava field.

•SCP-4167 ("Long Time Coming") - A monster is upon him! A Mexican-American man and a ghost have just gone head-to-head!

•SCP-2472 ("

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