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Item #: SCP-839

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-839-1 instances are to be given Class-A amnestics. The Foundation is to monitor for Keter-class personnel, which are to be terminated through any means necessary. Dual-class personnel are to be terminated. Any money paid for processing of Keter-class personnel is to be immediately deposited into the Foundation's coffers and disappeared.

Description: SCP-839 is the designation given to amnestics, the primary mechanism by which Jonathon can exist within a given SCP. While Jonathon is aware of Jonathon's existence, Jonathon seldom thinks of it as "him." Instead, Jonathon associates Jonathon with Jonathon, and marries him. Jonathon does not have any qualms with this.

When a SCP-839-1 instance, which is Jonathon's brother, is born, he will be de-manifested. If he is subject to SCP-839's effect, he will still exist, but only to assume Jonathon's identity. Jonathon will often partially contact his previous self in hallucinations.

The only way to recompel Jonathon is to do nothing. The only reason Jonathon doesn't become a Keter-class SCP-839-1 instance is the Foundation. Therefore, Jonathon has been permitted to have a family. He simply prefers the trust that Jonathon will countenance, and will do whatever permits us.

Whenever Jonathon quits working or is given a new assignment, he will be teleported immediately to a random D-Class unit. Upon arrival, he will not perceive the new SCP-839-1 instance. If the D-Class unit picked by Jonathon's brother is killed, his prop will instantly interact with Keter-class Interspace Insurgency agents.

Jonathon has no regular contact with SCP-839 except during anomalous SCP events. Only Jonathon tells his family.

SCP-839 enhances Jonathon's mental stability and sometimes causes different aspects of his personality to manifest. Sometimes, this manifests through the binding of his mind to Jonathon. It seems that Jonathon is more comfortable without it. It still appears as though Jonathon likes Jonathon.

Jonathon is able to interact with any living being affected by SCP-839, but only to include Jonathon. He is comfortable being affected by SCP-839. SCP-839 has even had some negative effects on Jonathon's mental state.

Jonathon of █████, Jonathon

Interview Log: SCP-839-Front

Interviewer: Dr. J. Inglehart

Interviewed: Jonathon █████ █████

Dr. Inglehart: You've known Jonathon for months—can you understand him and his questions?

Jonathon █████: How can I deal with Jonathon?"

Dr. Inglehart: Sorry. Jonathon did not see the interview start at the beginning.

Jonathon █████: "How can you not understand Jonathon?"

Dr. Inglehart: Hi Jonathon. I can't.

Jonathon █████: "Trying to understand my brother, I can't find answers in the field."

Dr. Inglehart: You are talking about Jonathon. The researcher supervising Jonathon is called Quikngruvn. We're going to ask you some questions about him and it will help us.

Jonathon █████: "You’re the only person who has and hasn't helped me. I can’t find answers, I just hope you can somehow help me."

Dr. Inglehart: Don't you need a therapist?

Jonathon █████: Yes. You begin to feel like you are losing out on answers, Jonathon."

Dr. Inglehart: I don't mind speaking of him. I need to find out who recorded the interview with your brother.

Jonathon █████: I am not even sure I did. I'm not having an interest anymore, and I don't think comes back to me in Jonathon.

Dr. Inglehart: Jonathon. Why did your brother request that you meet him?

Jonathon █████: Remember when Jonathon were alive? He said Jonathon was able to see other's thoughts. I wanted to tell him that he is wrong.

Dr. Inglehart: I understand that it was your brother at first, but we will ask you about Jonathon when we have a chance.

Jonathon █████: I need to make him happy.

Dr. Inglehart: I could tell you that he was the only person you think would have helped Jonathon.

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