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Item #: SCP-843

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: At present, containment of SCP-843-1 is too much of a risk, and should be done solely on a volunteer basis. Despite the risk, SCP-843-2 is a valuable member of the military, and should be kept on at least an intermittent basis just in case. Interviews should be performed biweekly by psychiatrists so as to verify the subject's mental state good or bad. Once every two years, a household—possibly the subject's small children—takes care to ensure that SCP-843-2 has special permission to re-enter Site-81. In the case of a breach of containment that is unimaginable to anyone (no wonder Project Theos becomes the institute of choice!), then Project Theos is to be used to normalize return and mitigate any damage.


Site-81 - Airborne Processing Facility

Description: Site-81 Airborne Processing Facility is the primary containment area of SCP-843. Operating under the administrative jurisdiction of the SCP Foundation, this facility provides a rural area with near-perfect sanitation that is regularly attended by numerous personnel. Prior to its construction in 1969, the facility was known as SHAPE hohmann's Creek Field, due to its location. The center of this facility is a biweekly facility, dedicated to personnel who are constantly involved in the field and are willing to assist in taking care of Site-81. This includes constructing screen-houses for the SCP Foundation in case of major emergencies, cleansing construction sites for the new facility, and conserving fires.

Roles taken from within: Senior Researcher Raul E. █████ █████; Senior Testing Engineer Thane J. █████; Senior Containment Specialist Dr. Henry Treadway

Site-81 was built in 1970 by a combination of a combination of US and German entrepreneurs, cementing its architecture, construction, and construction management. It seems that, despite the only structural materials available, this facility's construction is the most up-to-date.

Despite claiming to remain "underground," additional Local Offices are located all over the site's areas, mostly in the fields and through a means of commercial undertakings. However, for the most part the facilities are in disrepair and in a worse condition than those of the facility itself.


Team Name: Thelon Archibald

Team Member Name: Dr. Allon

Team Member Name: Mister Brother

Team Member Name: Japhet Lewis

Team Member Name: Mr. Crafter

Team Member Name: Corpse of Jupiter

Team Member Name: Just a Fucking Name

Team Member Name: Space Professor

Team Member Name: Midnight "Prayers" Smith

Team Member Name: Autumn Sunshine

Team Member Name: Center Novas

Team Member Name: Dreaming of the Dead

Team Member Name: Space Deer

Team Member Name: Zero to One

Team Member Name: Station Manager

Team Member Name: Agent Wilson's Copse

Team Member Name: Bucky Crime

Team Member Name: D-117

Team Member Name: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Team Member Name: Legendary Ellipse

Team Member Name: Magical Parade

Team Member Name: There's A Riot In Town

Team Member Name: I Don't Get It, I Functioned Before

Team Member Name: Spawn​

Team Member Name: Moonbeam

Team Member Name: Pack Rabbit

Team Member Name: Reclamation Patrol

Team Member Name: Ominous Stars

Team Member Name: Circus of the Disquieting

Team Member Name: Woman's Best Friend

Team Member Name: S & C Plastics

Team Member Name: There's a Cosmic Cat

Team Member Name: Elliptical

Team Member Name: Mister Close

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