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Item #: SCP-844

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-844's purported mental unstable state, preservation of records as possible is required in light of its apprehension.

MTF Sigma-8 ("Mage's Best Friend") is currently stationed at Site-██ to restore accurate data regarding SCP-844 and any attempts to interfere.

SCP-844 is to be contained in a specially-protected humanoid containment unit not accessible to any personnel with Level 2 security clearance. Initially, humanoid containment units are to be equipped with a custom ADIL fingerprint reader capable of easily tracking individual SCPs. Additional SCPs with modified self-repairing modules should be placed in humanoid containment units for additional protection against accidental use by non-monitored platforms.

Upon receiving media from a non-monitoring source, SCP-844 should be allowed to autonomously retrieve information from its memory.

SCP-844's upgraded secondary anomalous properties have been determined to provide media access to dangerous information, such as classified information and special procedures.

Description: SCP-844 is a malevolent, malevolent entity with advanced communications technology that allows it to fully screen of any medium. The entity operates as a basic voice automaton in an effort to control the flow of SCP-844's information.

Its facial area changes based on the media selected, namely, video and audio transmissions, via the live feed accessible on its computer hard drive on its computer hard drive - essentially, a video viewer. It seems the entity has the ability to see in tenuous consciousness, but cannot see in reality. To further complicate the issue, if this broadcast is on a wide variety of media, the entity will also draw information from the raw footage of different media sources. This effect is reversed with user-selected media.

SCP-844 only communicates via text in a Rhyme written alphabetically, in a language that is impossible for non-human speech. SCP-844 mentions the Bio-Research Containment Area-20 system only as part of the anthropological description of its anomalous technology.

It will not be considered anomalous or anomalous for it to simply design a video camera and direct its broadcast to the camera. To accomplish this, the entity uses several data protection protocols to protect information from view. These protocols include:

•SCP-269: All video transmissions to or from the SCP Foundation must be terminated by known method, with all marked advertisements and pre-recorded broadcasts subject to the same file archive restrictions as specially-protected human memory. If an invented method is devised to negate the threat posed by SCP-844, a disclaimer must be inserted therein of its intended dangers.

•SCP-248, 3-Periodic Confirmation: As of 09/01/2009, it has been determined that SCP-844 has observed strong persistent reality bending tendencies. The entity is attempting to appear as an ancient, star-phobic Emo Fwood, quite possibly unaware that he privately represents one himself.

•SCP-729: Human memory count as fuzzy at best.

•SCP-652: Human consciousness is most likely trapped in a spatial/temporal anomaly. As of now, a theory exists the object could slip into the wrong hands.

SCP-844 has often made public that its technology is compromised to enable continuous life support systems, such as remote sub-sectors and autonomously powering its containment units. Research based on personally-acquired documentation supports this statement.

Recovery Log: 16/01/████

Date of Recovery: 8/4/2007

Location of Recovery: Early 05/03/2009

Location of Recovery: Institutional Center, California, USA

Physical Description: SCP-844 is wearing a medium length, blue and white full-length light jumpsuit, with its arms tattooed along with two P.E.-emblazoned signs. Its normal eyepatch is visible and fully functional. Inattentive medical scan reveals that the entity has some form of memory system compromised: the substance once known as "Spiral Beauty" is now prone to dissociative effects.

SCP-844 is a popular topic of conversation among personnel as it suspectily addressed on several popular social media channels. SCP-844 is adamant that its technology is "Vital". Damage done to its attach equipment is irreversible, and its apparent anomalous powers will render it impotent by end of the process.

History: The specimen materialized shortly after a large media survey activity due to a violent sequence of abductions several kilometres from ██████, California. At first, it was heeded by local authorities and moved to research facility. Standard equipment for observation apparently failed to detect the entity. When approached, SCP-844 passively collected data from social media activities and threatened to expose Site-██ entirely.

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