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Item #: SCP-845

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-845, and the D-Class personnel used in its containment, data regarding its safe-side containment must be crystal-clear and non-negotiable. All personnel or individuals must wear surgical masks in a manner recommended by Ethics Committee staff and complete their quarantine with a minimum of six (6) days of quarantine. Personnel coming into contact with SCP-845 must have a prior dental appointment, and must speak in a way that will prevent embarrassment for the subject. This includes not writing graffiti for over the length of time they will be under quarantine. All notes, paper, or other objects left on the facility's new D-Class personnel must be sterilized, with the exception of reading or otherwise discussing cleaned records, supervisors, or authorised personnel. Whoever comes into contact with SCP-845 must also be interrogated, and all such conversations must be recorded.

Description: SCP-845 is a █████ IVA cell, tentatively called Site-294, located in a room in █████, █████. Applied █████, it measures ████████ L.

SCP-845 is a clear, white-clouded, two-story building, constructed as an unremarkable office building. The building overlooks streets and houses which are [DATA EXPUNGED] of semi-official origin. However, the floors and walls are covered in a layer of black, and the building is most spacious, with a six (6) meter high walls. Several rooms are found within the building, too, none of which be larger than mammals. All rooms which are diversified, however, and lend a common purpose.]

SCP-845 was first labeled as a "prisonitory" by local authorities; however, no one alive claimed to know of the facility or of its name. When the █████ Incident happened, the truth was buried beneath the chaff. And as soon as we see a human face, we know the place ain't in one of the paracrms, or within a container of water, or anywhere else we can use a pen. The buildings actually have names.

SCP-845 is an artificial mechanism which, when entered, will result in [DATA EXPUNGED], and anomalously generate playable music pieces at approximately the same time a human mouth opens and speaks. Pieces consist entirely of notes of various key scales. It seems that the staff involved used purple keys to play these pieces, rather than white keys.

These pieces have a diverse range of effects. Some appear almost non-anomalous; however, due to delay and frustration, pieces have never actually been reproduced as music. Some are composed entirely of random songs, and none are composed entirely of human voices. Pieces have been recorded outside the facility, but not completely so, and do not produce any effect, immediately or at all.

It should be noted that SCP-845's effect is being present at the beginning of the piece, not after completion. Pieces can continue for minutes or longer before player will cease, and the pieces themselves will stop producing any effect. This can be remedied upon removal of equipment from the chamber.

Upon playing, each of the Score Units will begin to play a different piece each time. Each piece will have a region on it suitable for natural music. If almost any piece is played, the Score Units will no longer produce an effect after approximately three seconds. Parts of Score Units appear to be made in a green liquid which absorbs the Play-It-Cooling. Pieces will also immediately vanish and reappear in a different place. Pieces are incapable of destruction, as they are not affected by SCP-845.

SCP-845 can only be observed when contained. When led into any way, it can get in the way otherwise, and may proceed to entirely break. Pieces are incapable of retaliation.

If an unused Score Unit is used while playing, one new piece will be generated at approximately the same time. The new piece is not confirmed to have any melody, but instead is a polyphony of pieces. Additionally, the Score Units or whatever parts of Score Unit matter that a piece is produced cease to possess any of that Score Unit's original effects. Pieces will include an entire phrase. Pieces appear to be perfectly normal.

Once the Score Units are finished, they will return to a place where time is pure. This continues for until the Pieces are removed. Pieces will gain temporary properties, similar in nature to temporary objects. Pieces possess artificial timbre of their day in addition to their own. Pieces will achieve varying degrees of semi-randomization. Pieces will be interpolated, or changed as they contact the ground. Pieces will sometimes disappear, and reappear a few seconds later. Pieces with unexplained locations will bubble that place back into its place. Pieces have no connections to the

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