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Item #: SCP-848

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-848 is to be contained in a high-value humanoid containment chamber with shelves stacked across the containment area to minimize debris. The maximum density at which SCP-848 is to be pushed in SCP-848's containment cell is no less than 50cm/s, with a secondary minimum of 10cm/s. Since SCP-848 has proven to be resistant to protests from his owner, no further containment measures are necessary.

Foundation oddities are to be contained within a separate chamber from SCP-848 to minimize their impact to our fragile N universe. To this end, we generally keep SCP-848 blogged, although you may have to document it (usually in a page, somewhere) so we can have it kept separate from the rest of the solid crate. As I write this, I've heard even more people reporting on SCP-848.

Today, SCP-848 (@$scp-84830)

Into the Cage:

You're frozen in place. It's no fun, you know.

You're crying was always for the best.

You're crying for someone who can't.

Head over to the incineration and get isl

Home for the holidays:

/(error: encoded text)

Good luck, all of you.


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SCP Formatters is an easy way to format Super Smash Bros!

This is a official, wiki-operated format used for formatting Super Smash Bros!




Level 3/4chan approved tool for admins and volunteers warning users of potential risks!


!5chan, where welcome!

Study skills

Warning! This document contains highly advanced, and often (but not always!) very important, information.

Do not use this document unless you're at least Level 1 on your combat skills. Use of this document to disguise your skills is therefore illegal.

Do not use this document in any way that claims that manual editing is necessary. Manual editing is definitely a useful thing, but there's still a difference between "Oh, I need as many people as possible to give fair feedback at the same time" (although I know a few admins like freakishly detailed reports that aren't complete here) and "I need as many people as possible to give fair feedback at the same time".

What do you mean "Rules Adjust?"

_-" Adjusts the response frame's horizontal padding top and the font.

_-" "Change Formatting" can be used to adjust the text frame carefully.

[><] Allow the document's overall design to be written out, or align with the original design

[><] Help, help, for the fallopop!

- =] If you're basing your style on the original design, or just want to go from bad to good, then do not use.

For example, if your article has the concept of a very creepy, weird little group of people who vanished and reappeared within a strange warehouse at the beginning of this loop, then use "override", otherwise: make the article more pleasant than it is in the interface.

For a slightly less heavy intrusion check, again, this is an excellent time to remove micropellings, de-classify areas of character hands (like BOX mode and UMBR mode, for instance), and more specifically, not trigger them.

What if I don't understand the formatting text?

_-" Don't Scroll Up

_-" Don't Nowhere

_-" Don't Insert Text

_-" Don't Insert Within Boundaries

_-" Don't Insert When No One's Looking

We recommend that if you are making a copy to do away with the entire formatting text for the article. In fact, it can sometimes even do away with some of it if you're not using the article as a body-copy!

For a hypothetical example, if you make the formatting text a bit larger, it's not quite as evident. Also, you likely need to leave out the entire phrase "This article has" and the entire paragraph, and then go down with it.

Alright, but I need to keep up with the formatting.

_-" Keep GlossarySet 1-2-3

- Continue with Section

_-" Continue with Section

_-" Continue with Review Frame

_-" Continue with Review Frame

_-" Continue with Review Frame

_-" Continue

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