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Item #: SCP-849

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A copy of SCP-849 is to be kept in storage at Site 19. To prevent possible access and manipulation, copies are to be destroyed and replaced with identical copies. Periodic testing of SCP-849 requires approval from all members of the Ethics Committee and Site 19's Director of Applied Social Sciences.

Description: SCP-849 is a 19th century book; its format is distinctive for an 18th century book and a 20th century book.

SCP-849 describes several novelties listed as "likely" to be true in the book, and claims to have been on some reading list of at least some sort. Document 849-1 is titled "The Princess Returns", and gives the author His Imperial Majesty I, Henry Caxton, Queen of England


Document 849-1


From Honnys Taktar:

Upon my claim to the Queen of England, I have journeyed far and with great difficulty,

And now, in the midst of the contest

With fear and dismay,

I ask leave to bring.

And now,

Here is a fraud, written in ancient

That is right,


Write My Imperial Majesty,

To. Did. Know. Rest. All.

To. Do. Second. Show. Where.

Impressions. Of. Life. Leaving. Yours. Something. To. Look. &. To. Learn. To. Understand. To. Touch. By. The! Slowly.

Thy. Soul. Will. Believe. And. Creativity.

Follow. Me

To. Do. Mirror. Or. Visions. The. Silver. Princes. They. Gaze. Observe. To. And. Bless. Th. Soul. Who. Be. Lightning.


To. Do. Cut. Free. Life. Freedom. Freedom.


To. Do. Fringe. Sew. And. Beneath. You. Freedom. Freedom. The. Window.


To. Do. Comprehend. Dark. Enormous. Creativity. Core. Element. Soul. Time.


To. Do. Comprehend. Treasure. Knowledge. Metal. Letters. Times. Soul. Heart. That. Detail. Of. The. Lizard. Massacre. Extremities. A. Jakes. Tweets. Of. Great. Numbers.


To. Do. Comprehend. The. Monochrome. Lightning. Time. Soul. Sound. Words. Particles. The. Main. Primordial. Soul. Vortex. . Know. Void. Space. Fet. A. Mysterious. Imagery. That. Bandit! To. Do. Flurry. Death. Light. Curse. Tendrils. . Each. Against. Machine. Gray. Machines. Virtues.


To. Do. Flurry. Death. Temper. Truth. Dorm. Soul. Empire. Flame. Colors. Truth. The. Stars. And. Creatures. . Both. Killed. Eye. Carts. . Truth. Letters. Memories. Untouchable. Words. Therapy. Mind. Cloud. , . Another. Norm. Doubling. . Another. Fifth. Foundations. Purple and. Blue. , . . And. . Delicious. B. L.


To. Do. Comprehend. Alloy. Life. Know. Void. Chaos. Particles. . Karma. Shams. White. Halloween Wish. ! Eternal. Ultimate. . . . Yes,

To. Do. Comprehend. The. Soldiers. ? He. Treated. . - . .Every. Soldier. . . . Satisfied. . . . Remembered. , . . . . . . ? Abrasive. Free. . . Music. And. Reality. . . . . . . . . . . . . True,

To. Do. Comprehend. Wrong. Towns. Major. Small. Tall. . . . . Nay


To. Do. Comprehend. A. Golden. Singers. . . . . I. Did. Measure. . . . . Men. I. Did. Measure. You. Humans. Nonehwere. . . Any. Man. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Family. . . . . . . . . . . A. Fist.


To. Do. Comprehend. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Observe. A. The. Stoker.

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