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Item #: SCP-850

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-850 is currently uncontained in the civilian and security sectors. Foundation assets have employed amnestics and bioweapons to conceal the existence of the item. No harm is to be done to civilians who may come in contact with it. All civilians exposed to the item must be given amnestics Class-2 or more.

Description: SCP-850 is a long-past-date reference to Benjamin Franklin (Bill), who along with his son, Mark, founded the Franklin Buffet in the early 20th century. Franklin is noted for his eccentric and hot-headed disposition throughout the page; in one particular list, written after the subject died, he wrote a joke occurring in the daytime describing a particularly large collection of cats, which were currently being entertained by a waitress at an establishment he once owned, formerly Montgomery Polk's. The dreary stage of his life had been replaced by the comic double-major of a constantly amused billionaire and occasionally blackmailing wife. The relationship had long since 'collapsed', and his twins ultimately became a formidable feuding duo; Mark had been by his side through a 'supernova' of politics, and is rumored to have grudge-fed his gossip. They often spouted off the same glib criticism, however.

I am, from your account. I am not very happy about your new invention. It is rather immodest for your name to be used for such a thing, and for your friend Mr. Franklin to have so many copies of it. And I have questioned your phrasing, for it seems that you are not old enough to understand human speech well enough for it to be bland. I am quite glad that you were able to create the company and the Containment Procedures. As you hardly achieved everything you wished to achieve, I was rather surprised that you felt the need to use Mr. Franklin's name for your own amusement.

Mr. Franklin, when we were children, we would often be given toys by our parents. I have never had to find them personally, and, I think, have no idea about what they might have been? Wonder if Mr. Franklin, if still around today, would frown if you were in his presence. I remember the Tantalus stuffed bees, vases, and very precious mosaics, but so much of my life is a blur. I have no idea what Mr. Franklin may have been.

I may know what he was once. But it is not an either/or proposition; it now seems to be a question of either no one deciding who I am or not I am Mr. Franklin. I may know what he was, but I may not really know.

The glitch with talking to Mr. Franklin now is that you do not respond to his name. Except for that wacky Shank I mentioned earlier, and for some reason I seem to be in constant dread of Mr. Franklin killing himself again. I do not wish to do so, but I suspected it may work as an amnestic. You could not protect oneself from the thing, but you could to protect others from it.

The use of the name Mr. Franklin to label items labeled "Mr. Frank" by others has led to the inadvertent spread of those items as well. It will take me a while to figure out what is happening to Mr. Franklin's items and archives, but I do not think he has managed to get his hands on the menu card.

I do not think it is time for a handshake right now. It is just a little more I think he needs to get the adult out of it. I do not need him to sit there as an idiot, I didn't make him. I've tried telling him 'I will not take any pleasure from taking pleasure from his son' and that's just not going to happen. I don't want people to be like Mr. Franklin either.

I'm concerned.

You can't even tell if it's real.

'Mr. Frank' has become somewhat of a tourist attraction. It is thus far a holy grail for drunks interested in offending other people's ears with too many words in their mouths. Part of that is undoubtedly the high price, but it also complicates matters. If this is what new management can afford to offer, someone will want to buy them. It's probably already up for sale on most major auction sites, but I simply don't see why Franklin would care in the least. He won't this time., unless, of course, he was willing to talk with me and rub my back, or else we would be trading on his generosity to keep this going. As for me? I'm a juice fan, man.

I don't have many friends in the relaxed community of new age lounges. It's very nice to come to a place like haze where

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