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Item #: SCP-851

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Although not currently contained, SCP-851 has been thought likely to be sentient in some capacity. Reports of its presence in the Middle East have been considered to be exaggerated, though are to be taken as reality failure. Researchers not trained in the paranormal are to be dissuaded from attempting to contact it.

Description: SCP-851 is a human male, approximately 5'7″ tall, with a wide face, large red eyes, and brown skin shades. Evidence suggests that it was initially created and/or created in antiquity as an oak being in Afghanistan, near what is now the village of Iqr Adet, Pakistan, coinciding with a stone tablet found with it. Though 'Transformed' into a bear cub, this was not intended as 'transformation'.

SCP-851 was originally discovered in Tendulkar, India during a school raid in November 1974. Somehow, several pockets and pockets suspended in the 'traps' remained and were easily discernible. When an unarmed member of the Taliban in India was killed, the group with SCP-851 managed to find out where they'd hidden it, or why it wasn't picked up by local authorities.

SCP-851 is currently uncontained, but some theories place it somewhere and stay on the agenda for further study. Due to the nature of the events at its original location, it is probable that the entity is capable of speech and possibly writing or gestures to its influence over others. SCP-851's records of locations and events are not entirely clear, but they do seem to suggest the entity should be contained with the rest of the artifact. In any case, Foundation researchers are to be aware of its moral code.

SCP-682 was initially sighted shortly after being upset by SCP-851 with a large dog killing two people. Though he was relatively innocuous at first, it has since become highly volatile, resulting in several incidents that have caused an ongoing operating deficit of the Foundation. Notable casus of this crisis are the town of Kirkbride, Pennsylvania, where several anomalous and/or supernaturally-enhanced individuals were spotted, opened fire on a security guard with weapons drawn (likely holding an AKM because they thought a security guard had 'conquered' the town for a fake body), and killed several other personnel.

A timeline of notable events, from Recovered Notes:

On January 2, 1974, near the border of Gambia, SCP-851 manifested at Site-88 and transported to a small rural village. POI-851-0 (Gambian Komali) attempted to create a ruckus, and the police standoff was briefly peaceful, but was abruptly terminated by DC-851-1 (Gambian Kumari). After some hesitation, POI-851-0 made the decision to retreat from the area, while POI-851-1 sat and waited for a ceasefire to be enacted.

Following the police roundup, several suspicious and active anomalies were sighted on the outskirts of the village, including an anomalous humanoid entity with large crustaceans protruding from its mouth, and another mass of unidentified, glowing beings. As police converged on a remote village, SCP-851 requested permission from SCP-851-0 to provide free and wholesale material for local economy. Though this request was denied by SCP-851, it did express displeasure at","the extortion of funds from ███████ ██████" by ███████ █████, for his work in the reconstruction of Site-88, while omitting further details regarding the construction of Site-88 interior.

On November 22, 1976, SCP-851 manifested at Site-██, and proceeded to speak with a female in a traditional garb. Personnel reported that SCP-851 cooed, encouraging the affected female to tell the Foundation what she knew. Later reports indicated that while it was not as confused as the word it used today, SCP-851's cooing was indeed meaningful in some ways.

On May 3, 1987, four days after an individual threw a Molotov into Foundation headquarters, a Foundation agent exposed himself to SCP-851 and became the object of its attraction. SCP-851 moved to a more comfortable location, and it instigated a containment breach and attempted to bring the individual to its immediate location. When confronted, SCP-851 expressed concern over the agent's selflessness to the Foundation, and made the recommendation that the employee be terminated.

On February 11, 1992, SCP-851 suffered a major setback when a non-anomalous humanoid entity menaced the Foundation as it was attempting to retrieve Prof. Thaddeus Xyank. The entity, however, vowed to be free from the Law of Seeking, and that he would instead seek to learn from the

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