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Item #: SCP-853

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-853 is to be contained on-site in a standard humanoid containment unit at Site-123. Communication with the entity will only be logged to the audio hologram inside the unit, and accepted only to collect and maintain records on the entity. It is not yet possible to interact directly with the hologram.

Upon discovery, SCP-853 was chained with a small, wooden dog, likely a mutt similar to the creature identified as the most recent specimen. The dog, when decapitated, had scars in a comically large number of places on its body - at the time of recovery, the scars were barbels; the total number of scars measured was 486, including the scar above the left eye.

Reactions to the decapitated entity were apparently non-anomalous, in regards to the portion of its body that had been cut off. The entity now had a socially-acceptable artifact bearing slightly-chewed injury to the left eye: several teeth, partially punctured and gnawed and distended. The entity continued to move its body, moving slowly towards the trailer, with some difficulty, stopping occasionally.

It wore orange and green its entire life, and had long, long, long, long hair, blue and green, which had an inordinate number of scars, including what appeared to be holes in its torso, both the top of the head and the chest, at various divisions. There seemed to be no organized pattern - it didn't seem to notice the vehicles of transport taking its body from the site of investigation.

It was found that after signs of occupation, the entity would speak in English, do a few soothing paces,, sit down, and then settle onto its side. If it wasn't already occupied with its pet, it would sit on its hind legs for a moment, tendrilize its spine with some of its teeth, and then resume normal operations.

Once it had finished, it would remove itself and begin acting like a robot; forearms being tightly wound, blinking rapidly and wriggling and twitching. Not a body, however, but a husk hovering in mid-air, and movement of its left arm was comprehensible. It was unable to sense the exact volume of its left arm, again only enough to pick up and move and collide with a human arm. Its left leg, and right hand were mostly empty, and seemed to be controlled without it.

Images between the right arm and torso had been noted by several researchers before, focused on an orange circle with a series of parallel lines facing the face, but however new this place appeared, it was changed to display the same array of injuries as the entity's set.

It also banged against the ground, in what appears to be repeated 'tongs' at upper and lower frequencies. These sounds seemed to be the site site director's response. It was of note that it was much easier to see what he was looking at than to hear it, just as well.

Dr. Janitor Kiliw (Level-3 Researcher)

The entity was not aggressive towards humans, or at least it didn't suffer any kind of hostile behavior towards them.

It just... talked to me. And it followed orders.

Staffer Andreas

I don't know what it is saying? It doesn't sound quite right? Nah, I just do what it says.

When the entity is ready to speak, or even to move, simply place your hand on the ground. Then let out a crying screech, and it will return.

Dr. Kiliw (Level-3 Researcher)

Dr. Janitor Kiliw did observe things. There appears to be something that's not quite right here.

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