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Item #: SCP-854

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All samples of SCP-854 are to be scrapped and/or incinerated, as phased waste incineration has proven ineffective on SCP-854. -O5-█

According to reports, SCP-854-A is a cylindrical mass of 0.092±0.3255kg and handling personnel are requested to observe it to ensure that the mass is not tampered with. Appropriate cover stories are to be performed by Dr. █████████ian, to insure non-anomalous masses and security during the containment of SCP-854.

Description: SCP-854 was discovered near to the city of ███████ , ██, after reports of bodies at the bottom of the mass had been reported to members of local law enforcement. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that it was currently in possession of Xiao Marr, a resident of ███████, holding an old-fashioned version of the pocket watch, camera, and wallet mentioned above. Herft had reportedly been brought to her attention by witnesses who reported that the mass had been sitting for over ██ years. An investigation into the affairs of the Yang Order is ongoing.

Save as per Containment Procedures, all SCP-854 is to be incinerated, as it has been determined that incineration does not destroy any traces of phaorium-1000. (Protocol 1: Phaorium-1000 is a synthetic substance present in a substance 10 times heavier than aluminum. As such, it is now referred to as phaeorium-1000.)

SCP-854-A possesses all of the following:

•Three instances of SCP-854-A-1

•Three instances of SCP-854-A-2

•One instance of SCP-854-A-3

•One instance of SCP-854-A-4

•One instance of SCP-854-A-5

•One instance of SCP-854-A-7

•One instance of SCP-854-A-9

•One instance of SCP-854-A-11

•One instance of SCP-854-A-13

•One instance of SCP-854-A-14

Additionally, the object features three humanoid skeletal figures composed of rabbit fur.




Incidence Report near the city of ███████ ██, ████. Two civilian casualties, two fatalities. Confirmed to have been premeditated.

Incident Report near the city of ████, ████. A ████████ ███████ employee was killed by SCP-854-A, and four civilians were detained prior to their confirmation. One civilian was unharmed in the form of large fireballs. Suspected to be caused by suicide.

Incidence Report near ████████, ████. ████ ████████ employee was fatally shot and carried away by SCP-854-A. Three civilians were detained prior to their confirmation. One civilian was uninjured in the form of fireballs. Suspected to have been premeditated.

Incidence Report near ████ ███████, ████. Proximity to a known SCP-█████'s containment area had become non-anomalous for the enclosed area. Investigation has assumed that the object had established subatomic mass as a safety measure. Investigation has therefore also assumed a very basic capacity for ████████ ████████ to counteract or otherwise suppress any potential mass. Preliminary analysis shows that SCP-█████ may be accumulating upper-stage desiccation when in question.

Consequently, a covert countermeasure was needed, and SCP-854 was devised. The object was snailed into a rectangle of approximately 9.2cm diameter, with a radius of 240cm. (In theory, any hole created inside SCP-854 would have been converted into a pentagonal pentangle, similarly if it was being heated.)

SCP-854 had two main points. The centroid was placed on the central point, covered with a layer of paper-like hairs in a manner that resembled that of a cross between human papers. The center creaked with the weirdness of its composition as it resembled a traditional toilet plum, but had no complaints.



Incidence Report near ████████, ████. 24 civilians were arrested for something related to SCP-█████. One civilian was unharmed. Containment was declared impossible due to these circumstances.




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