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Item #: SCP-855

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: ASN-711-J is kept in a standard humanoid containment crate for documentation purposes.

Source documentation for this cage is to be kept on site at Site-██. It is not to be made available for public viewing unless absolutely necessary by order of the O5 Command Council. For the time being, should any occurences or memories of SCP-855 be discovered, they are to be destroyed as best they can; otherwise, Foundation personnel are to use force if necessary.

As a precaution, appropriate amnestics are to be administered to affected individuals. Civilians found to be involved in any of the events listed in this document should be detained and administered amnestics upon investigation.

Although instances of SCP-855 exist in the wild, there are no signs of them propagating, and they will not disappear.

Copy Page 5, Template 2, Location:


Document 1: The event was as far as the Foundation has been able to establish. All of the reports and reports from the affected individuals involved have been suppressed in order to keep the individuals away from sensitive information.

Document 2: SCP-855 has now spread faster than any other SCP, and the only control we have is that of O5 Command. There are reports now that hordes of SCP-855 are gathering somewhere, and whoever sees them, kills them. Will have to move quickly to get to them.

Document 3: Seems like they didn't go far. If they weren't so resourceful, they would have killed everyone that knew about them. This is also the only room to see the events.

Document 4: Apparently, the Foundation has decided to keep careful track of the events. Don't get too worried, and we'll be right here.

In the words of one of the affected individuals.

Document 5: Fucking God. Some of the other agents have had to go home and learn English after watching those videos. I hope you're happy. The rogue agents, I've no doubt thought them all lives over. We respect what is right, don't we?

The affected individuals' minds were never wiped out. They were instead removed from public knowledge. They are being monitored for possible extremist groups up and down the US West Coast. We don't know how, but they do stay away from whoever is ordering them around. I have already thought this through, but I thought it might be of some interest.

In case you don't remember, the infected individuals using our Foundation money to buy their victim's mind or a place at the Foundation, they are not going to kill anyone else, and they will be fine in a few years.

- O5 Command Council


1. The entire front part of the brain is strung up like a knot.

2. This effect is not spread by public knowledge.

3. Volunteers in the fields are sometimes informed of the current situation, but rarely of it themselves, so the victims are still suffering how they feel.

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