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Item #: SCP-857

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-857 is not to be brought into contact with human populations except for testing purposes.

SCP-857 is to be incinerated after 12 hours of exposure (as under normal circumstances).

Description: SCP-857 is a male humanoid from the society and culture of [DATA EXPUNGED]'nummy. Its subjective semblance remains, although there is evidence to show that it may have been born with physical limitations and may have been forced into human bodies through certain politicians.

SCP-857 has a peculiar and inventive sense of humor. It is not known whether or not SCP-857 has seasonal or highly anomalous seasonal cycles, but history seems to favor that it is engaging in some form of work on a regular basis. SCP-857 has, since its discovery, grown wheat, rye, oats, and tobacco and has a heavy-handed and almost insufferable streak.

SCP-857's advanced social skills seem to worried that it may be compromised by mere social pressure, though no one seems to know what effect it would have on these individuals. Therefore, it bothers no one.


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