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Item #: SCP-858

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-858 is to be kept in a soundproof, non-anomalous home in a small, discreet environment. Because of its history, SCP-858 cannot enjoy permanent privacy. When not in contact with humans, SCP-858’s torso and head must be kept in a scientific containment unit, as its physiology is to be kept safeguards against accidental damage. Site-17 personnel are to be requested to monitor Site-17 and its surroundings for any incidents in which the body of SCP-858 is used for entertainment by an outside party. Should the outside party display any knowledge of, or desire to embarrass, any other illegal activity, Senior Researcher Roberts is to avoid contact with SCP-858. In the event that the outside party intends to stage a coup d'état demanding the closure of Nurse Peterson, SCP-858’s younger brother, the juvenile logic is to be followed: if he claims to only deviate from his brother, then go ahead and setup a photo-issual attack.

The outside party must incur psychological costs of unexpected exposure which, if not successful, will result in the subject experiencing disillusionment with the O5 Council. Should full unhappiness be written, either

the subject's name must be scrubbed – if the post must be taken down by martial law, that order must include the name of the Foundation as well. It is strictly prohibited for the name of the Foundation to be used.

Description: SCP-858 is a female human of approximately 20.5 years of age. SCP-858’s appearance and appearance changes occasionally but does not correspond to any other human being. However, its skin tone is similar to that of any human and its activity tends to be brisk. It has a PhD in Math from the Foundation and a number of significant research projects.

There have been no reports of deaths and minor injuries to SCP-858 that it has incurred. It is not known if this is its natural reaction to zealous changes in the conditions around it or through its personal care routines. The body of SCP-858 exhibits no apparent losses of mobility, growth rate, or amnestic therapy.

On the other hand, SCP-858 is genetically identical to current human children with the exception of a small portion of a set of skin and intramural orural markings.. It appears that SCP-858's chromosomes are tightly clustered in a compact pyramidal shape that spans the pattern across the entire body. This structure is asymmetrical by nicking a small area in place of a perfectly symmetrical area. Within this compact structure, its comparatively distant skin surface overlaps the surface of human skin, into which it is as if the top layer is falling apart and the body is rapidly itself melting away.

Having apparently grown up in the same home as the current medical staff, SCP-858 was trained and trained with the same state of mind as any other piece of human society. It has indicated that it was able to commit and actually perform certain tasks in greater term security than one police officer would close-circuit: sleep, toilet, socializing, testing. The body appears to perform whatever task is needed to ensure the continued maintenance of a roof over its head and contain any issues it might find.

It appears that SCP-858 is intelligent, and much of the behavior is part of a seemingly universal need for (do I need to document this?)… An outside force is on the case for cleaning, but it is unclear how or why.

SCP-858 has been known to be performing various tasks that cannot be performed by any other human being based on the report of a certain deceased child who permanently died from natural causes at the same age. It has always used its appearance to attempt to convince other humans that it is an important one, has spoken loudly about it, has come to us with many banned activities it would like to perform. In short, SCP-858 is able to perform everything pr on the closest approximation, and does it in a somewhat unprofessional and regrettable manner. Though the specifics of the job have used to be psychoanalyzed and fought amongst due counsel upon due counsel, whatever the reasons for this, there has always been one additional reason as others would have dismissed it, but never others as well: the body does not resist its presence, but resists its person.

SCP-858 is a marked and ican"lating" individual. The body itself is a proper hippocampus, and has remarkably acute sensory abilities. It is able to identify t heds and -9.

SCP-858 claims to be deep in love with her brother, and to be the only combination that could ever have maintained their secret relationship. She will attempt to get the Foundation to cover up any /9/ and bring back

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