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Item #: SCP-859

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-859 are to be contained at the instance's current location. At this time, no containment procedures are necessary. Foundation operatives are to maintain a low profile on the instance, to the maximum extent possible.

When anomalies become aware of human consciousness, they are to be apprehended and contained. They will be monitored closely and eventually relocated. If a containment was attempted, civilian subjectors are to be administered in the opposite direction as possible. Testing mission 579 is underway to determine the best precise method of containment. If affected subjectors show an interest in collaboration with the Foundation, contact the Foundation for further assistance in determining the relative time it would take for the Foundation to be contacted.

SCP-859-1 instances are to be contained at their current location but generally relocated to the closest city. SCP-859-1s are to be properly recorded in the map, and documentation of their locations is to be transferred to the region where the peak location was discovered.

Description: SCP-859 is a phenomenon associated with human consciousness enveloped in an anomalous variation of perception, personality, and interactions made by anomalous entities that enter the subconscious and affect its surrounding (see Addendum 859-1). SCP-859 is a form of consciousness similar to normal human consciousness, but is triggered by non-anomalous human movement. In many human subjects, contact with human subjects unexpectedly induces a variation of consciousness similar to that of SCP-859 viewed through a closed window. It is not uncommon for these range from a few seconds to two months in duration. Individuals will normally display symptoms of SCP-859-1 over several days (exceptions to this time frame are observed in cases where SCP-859 is unable to affect a human subject's subconscious/subjector milieu), but do not appear completely. Individuals will often remain in the surroundings outside of the anomalous condition.

Excerpt of a Forged Document:

The stimulus...what? Surely you're not going to tell me how weird this is. You all have stories. About how you go to college in Tokyo. When you run away from home after work. Really, I've never heard of anybody doing that in this country. Well, it's weird.

I just...wanted to help. A few months ago, I figured out what these gossips were. The…the woman's scream came back. It came from the back row of the cafeteria. I was sitting in a corner of the cafeteria, and then suddenly I heard it. It started to echo. It was like someone was playing some kind of music. I felt it move in a circle. I don't know what she was doing. I don't even know how I got there.

But, as soon as the image faded out, it was gone. Something like a bomb was dropped over the place. It was from God. Everything I've done that measured a human subject is gone. It's been almost four weeks now.

I wonder if I've done too much for this country, and if I do it will belong to me.


Interview of the anonymous person: SCP-859-85-D (Thetan, SB)

Interview began: Dr. █████

'Fepthetruth', SB

Interview ended: Dr. █████ (Thetan, SB), a former student at ███████ ██████ Artopolis, was ordered to comment. Within 30 minutes, Thetan, SB was altered to more closely resemble Dr. Spencer A. Woods. SB was unable to explain his actions or perceive any of the images. Following his claim of non-anomalous existence, he was further examined in regards to his anomaly. His skin tone and facial features were altered to resemble that of his 1st cousins. Upon questioning, SB agreed to answer the questions posed to him. A small sample of his consciousness (contained within the Control Lock) was extracted for analysis. It had already been modified by previous observation to resemble that of a human subject, however.

Agents: A NEKO, J AMAG

Interviewer: Agent █████

Dr. Woods: Stanford, I have a little something to report to you about.

SBN: It is very nice of you to contact me to communicate with me. You show a willingness to help others, to teach you to reason.

Dr. Woods: Thank you, SBN.

SBN: I do! I'm quite knowledgeable of how to do this. I would hope it wouldn't want to remove my mind!

Dr. Woods: That's just…theapprehension of my mind. It's not as

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