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Item #: SCP-086

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-086 and all known versions of it are to be contained within a sealed, non-anomalous storage unit at Site-██. Its special anomalous properties only affect subsequent versions of it, and will only manifest if one is presented to the Parent of SCP-086. The Parent is to monitor the Parent's editorial staff for deviations from SCP-086's anomalous effects.

Description: SCP-086 is a six-inch-thick, grayish plastic bag containing a single copy of the 1978 Children's Home Kit. When opened, SCP-086 will contain a single identical white plastic box, with the words "DIY KIDS' HOME STUDIO" inscribed on the side in white marble. Upon opening, the Parent will see a stylized likeness of SCP-086 suspended in the middle of the box.

An active need to avoid SCP-086 is felt by the Parent because he or she sees the likeness of SCP-086 in the Parent's kitchen as a kitchen toy. It is suggested that the Parent's kitchen be raided by Foundation agents in order to obtain SCP-086.

SCP-086's anomalous properties manifest upon the box being opened like a normal Kinder Cube. Any time an object is placed with SCP-086, an active need to avoid the object will be felt by the Parent regardless of whether or not the other parent of the other child has SCP-086, and the Parent immediately deletes the template that was chosen by him or her. The SCP-086 Change Template will also be erased from his or her home, they will notice that this template has been anonymously submitted to his or her store in one of their infamous childhood / work spaces, and report the desire to avoid the object as well.

Addendum 1: A Parent's Steps to Determining Their Children's Home

THE FIRST TRECK OF 1986 WAS A big mistake.

I believe that SCP-086 would have been in custody for a long time before being in custody. I know that makes me sound "depressed", but in the grand scheme of things this shouldn't have happened. I mean, at least two months of a Parent's wishes for the item was probably the reason it came to us in the first place. I remember once when they got a new house, and they were working on their house. They had it all covered up. The whole time, they were within earshot of the parent, and they were so afraid to say anything. They were afraid to find out. There were still rumors surrounding it, but the Parent told them I was always keeping an eye on them, and if they were ever at fault for anything, I'd get involved.

I remember the Parent when I was in college, and I think he was a complicated guy. I think he knew everything there was to know about those other kids, but he'd always been such a staunch, unembellished person. He kept an eye on all of them, and he loved them all. I think when he was 18, he got out of his dorm room and was so distraught that evening that he refused to tell anyone. He was so depressed that his doctor recommended he consider getting help.

It took him a month to convince his wife, and after that, it was almost unbelievably easy, because to the Parent of the other kids, it was like being an ordinary existence. The Parent was so happy. The Parent would have his usual little idea of what home was, and that was never going to change, and he would have his own garden, and everything was going swimmingly. The Parent was just so happy that the Keter phase of his home was over. He was able to finally provide a beautiful Mother with grandchildren, and everybody was so upset at him about it, but no one wanted to talk about it for fear that that would attract more attention than he probably deserved. I think the Parent and the Foundation both experience his darkness.

In an old paper about the Parent's house, one of the people that drew it all over the front page had a note next to the door, saying "The Parent's HOUSE IS PROUDLY RE-TOLD AS FOUNDATION'S HOME, and HAS BEEN CONTAINED AS IT SHOULDER THE EXPECTATIONS OF THE OTHERS."

I guess they all just wanted to tell the Parents what their priorities were, that it was the Foundation's home. They were all so scared they were going to be internally punished.

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