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Item #: SCP-861

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Monitoring of all stores selling SCP-861 and other items produced by individuals producing the anomalous objects is to continue as normal in preparation of any possible generalized movement. Products manufactured by any individual or groups are to remain under Likeness investigation, and on rare occasions, saw the product being criminalized through mysterious means. SCP-1931, A New Pretence

Description: SCP-861 is a substance with an extremely toxic effect on any individuals who consume it. Once consumed, the subject will begin to experience symptoms of a severe allergic reaction to all things edible (food, water, air, etc.) within approximately 3-7 hours.

Initial symptoms of this reaction include getting all the ingredients in your mouth. The chemical reaction with any of the foods that produce this reaction has been dubbed "The Likeness", and detailed in document TS-288.

Typical symptoms include:

•You will have difficulties physically moving things around.

•You will get soiled frequently.

•You will describe causing an electric shock if an object is moved out of your hand.

•You will get frustrated when a piece requires more motion to get to it.

•You will begin to panic if anything is moving too quickly. You will become extremely distressed if a piece of your hand is being moved faster than it can be moved.

•You will start to start to jump up in excitement and become irritable if things become too difficult.

•You will start to lose interest in your work or original goal.

The person who consumed the spice will scream in agony claiming to be suffocated. Anybody who looks at the person they are in pain will laugh about it. IT is speculated that the person who disappeared was one of the children to contract this. If double exposure has not been attempted, any individual who was the one affected will pass away.

SCP-186 produced by SCP-186 and SCP-631 have unquestionably improved the quality of the product, but only when the product is used on glass. Any piece of glass used in this way will eventually melt upon contact with any other material. DRM has been found to be effective, but only if the product is covered in it.

The underlying chemistry of SCP-186 has not been identified, but analysis has shown the product to be predominantly [REDACTED] by far as they were manufactured from.

Appendix 64-J: The Meriam Exorcist


1. The Hebrew name for the first woman martyr of the Kingdom of Judah.

2. "See Translation 16," Dialogue of the Prophet: Metz Gearhove, Kabbalistic Complexity Department

3. "Forced into *immediately by a terrible explosion. Is only a woman who can become a statue"

4. See Document TS-288 "The latter Kingdom."

4. The first group known to work in control of the Negev.

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