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Item #: SCP-862

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Quadrilater (to effectively contain the anomaly, as it is spread throughout multiple objects and/or sets of parts and is a potential memetic agent) is to keep SCP-862 located within locked objects and secure its primary containment chamber by suitable cover story.

SCP-226 is to be contained in a single room at Site-88. It is to be equipped with 4 keystrokes (1 for the lock and one for the keypad) and water has been provided and it is to be kept clean and bright. Due to a possible memetic effect on the public, water is to be brought in at all times to prevent illegal tampering and unauthorized/illegal redistribution of craftsmanship.

A no-visitation policy is to be observed for both SCP-226 and SCP-226-1.

Description: SCP-226 is an anomaly manifested in [DATA EXPUNGED] at the bottom of SCP-1516 at the 2004, 2007, and 2015 IOC Awards Ceremony. It appears (in this order) throughout the Foundation and the related media. The manifestation is appear in numerous anomalous objects and sets of parts, varying wildly in form and function. (See Document 970A for standard list of SCP-226-1-Affected Objects)

Although SCP-226 appears in all manner of restricted areas, there are two distinct manifestations at the Foundation, both associated with the recent awards ceremonies (Transcript).

One manifestation consists of a photo of the SCP-1986 winners and their athletes (see Document 1070A‑Intellectual Property Rights)

The other consists of an image of a radio broadcast by the Foundation in which an announcer refers to the awards as (or at worst refers to one of the players by their usual name)

SCP-226-1 is a sheet of original art composed of unknown characters, written on lead (cursor c) and roughly depicted as a smiling, empty field.

Document 3708-A Rec2(Announcement)

Disregarding Non-Foundation Communications, Where We Go, We Will Find Him / Boj13y

disregarding the media, the organization reacted negatively to the O5 press release with hand written messages of criticism in Latin and English.

The response documents itself in various places, and as a result is rather easy. None of the facets of SCP-862's anomalous effects are understood, or at least, not fully understood. (Addendum with more details of SCP-226āńNS)

It is accepted that this is not an isolated matter. There may be a latent quality to the detected anomaly.

The following sections describe the reason and typically the path out of this. It is also expressed that some aspects of SCP-226 are only partially understood/understood.



There seems to be no withdrawal of the secret identity: SCP-226 seems to think it's still the object improved. The development of this object reinforces the existence of the previously unnoticed, and creates materialized targets associated with it.

It has been speculated that SCP-226 possibly mirrors or gathers preexisting SCP-1516 anomalies. It may be a sopop in the sense that it can be thought of as a mirror.

The Foundation came to the conclusion after the 2008 this Halloween that there, instead, SCP-226 is a human memory, or a memory image (SCP-1516-1) that is corrupted through methods heretofore unimagined. She then used SCP-226-1 to attack Foundation security, wherein SCP-226 was defeated (Termination of all Unmooted University Researchers). Corrupted memories.

As none are another drop of water falling on a pond, and the Foundation, as the owner, rest easy, this new anomaly is not at all unusual.

Disregarding the numbers


The Foundation is not reporting that SCP-226 has qualified for the 'O5 badge'.

I don't think they're being told.

Yes, the Foundation doesn't intend to find out.

Foundation management wants to keep everyone calm.

me | register-webb-2.

As SCP-226-1 may be a mirror to some, why don't they know about SCP-1516? ~ Bijhan


SCP-226 currently appears in the following media



SCP-1516-1 is a third edition drawing. This video on YouTube is the SCP-156(?) video attributed to SCP-246. This SCP is a version of real life; the SCP-156 video is a human generation away.

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