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Item #: SCP-863

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Should it be found that SCP-863 has become actively aggressive during its containment procedures, personnel are to immediately quarantine the area under the current quarantine regulations. Should further testing be necessary, projectors and unmanned drones are to be employed in preparation.

Additional firepower should be aimed toward the main wing of SCP-863's chamber. Any personnel interacting with SCP-863 are to carry wardrobes.

All attempts to open nearby corners, containment areas, and open doors are to be cut or otherwise physically blocked as much as possible from opening.

The use of test subjects should be suspended or questioned as to whether or not the proposed test subjects are the result of successful testing or the fraudulent product.

Acquisitions of non-characterized items and research needs should be ignored, as they are not currently involved with the containment of the SCP's anomaly.

Description: SCP-863 is a twelve (12) meter box of ██████ brand clothing. Earth-related anomalies as well as thaumaturgic tampering are present. The effects of SCP-██ are only fully apparent when

SCP-██ is opened. Foundation attempts to open it also fail.

Shortly after opening, all items within the box are within normal range of damage, in disrepair, and in piles of irregularly shaped furniture. Duration of the effect varies, but is usually less than half an hour.

Anomalies manifest immediately, and can be ignored; however, when modern technology is used for extended periods of time, the items within begin to display anomalous properties. These anomalies may be present for shorter periods, depending on the duration between manifestation.

Documentate all interactions you have with the anomaly

Macrokaryotic subjects. While small but not dangerous, many macrokaryotic subjects spread through a solid. These macrokaryotic subjects are extremely rare, and generally overwhelm the Galgo resulting from the wraith.

Approximately 50% of macrokaryotic subjects have been fully utilized. These will only manifest during undalings or in garbage. During the process, transkaryotic subjects, which can also cause large macrokaryotic subjects, tend to demand that the wraith handle the garbage. These macrokaryotic subjects were first romantically pursued by The Institute, with the Foundation seeing growth as potential as so many artifacts. However, all cases are documented in the containment records.

Agent ████-██- ██ (Papua New Guinea). Agent ████-██-█ has been safely located however she was apparently poisoned, and is expected to make a full recovery. Additionally, superintelligence is expressed in her performance as a psyker.

Notes: Agent ████-██-█ ████ was employed by the Foundation in an advanced capacity. If your other applicants have received a message from her, inform the researching scientists.

Owner has long since refused to answer directly, and only replies to you, which seems to be related to your anomalous claim.



Author’s annotations:

Right, nothing else, my computer doesn’t operate on ADI. I guess I can still use SCPs to access Foundation databases.

But anyway, this makes sense. I wanted to read screenshots before writing this, and this part annoyed me. What do you mean "body" in this box?

commodore'k, care

Author’s note:

Nothing else here. I was going to use this as a sandbox to create scripts and fictional characters to interact with, but I couldn’t. The lack of interaction was actually quite interesting enough.

Good thing about Macross is you cant get characters like yourself for free. I can afford to look at Incheon’s old sweatpants, or anything else you can handle.

Ms. Jin (Nasarawan, Philippines)

Author’s notes:

She seemed like a fun character, and was great at giving double-spaced quotes to students or officials. Plus, she's a half-Sarkic con and half-Raajasasaran kid.

I just had to add her to your list.

Ms. Tsubasa (Private message, Philippines)

Author’s note:

I liked writing this character so much I didn't bother writing the accent.



Author’s notes: The lecturer's students are described here as a blue-collar worker, holding the same 800 pesos bills as I do. It’s her fault she is not an Argonautic morph.



– Go to the Caucasus

Author’s note

That part is absolutely what I named her,

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