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Item #: SCP-864

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-864 should be left in an inconspicuous immobile instance in an anomalous item or item locker. Personnel should refrain from contacting SCP-864 while it is asleep, as contact is particularly likely to cause SCP-864 to faint or attempt self-harm. Personnel are forbidden from physically touching SCP-864 unless accompanied by a member of SCP-864's containment team, unless otherwise directed by the Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-864 is a humanoid, of average height, slender build, and roughly 60 years of age. It appears to suffer from severe mental health issues stemming from terminal addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is sapient, and will respond to questions regarding its surroundings and past, if it is permitted to use English correctly.

Personnel interacting with SCP-864 will typically have difficulty understanding the anomalous nature of its physical form, or how these physical attributes can be used to amuse oneself. Even though it is not physically human, it will attempt to mimic human behaviors.

Discovery Log: SCP-864 was found on the day of her first birthday, when she was postosing to her family in ████████, Russia. She was not placed under the supervision of a psychologist. It was discovered that she had self-harmed in ███████ in an indiscernible fashion, and had contributed to the results of ███████'s local election.

An autopsy done under the direction of the Ethics Committee finds no anomalies in SCP-884's body. However, the skin of the skin, bones, and teeth have been removed, and the electrocution against the ear has left her with permanent numbness. It is believed that she died shortly after her body became mummified, with no note giving details regarding her own death.

Interview Log: During an interview with SCP-884 by Foundation medical staff, she appeared in excellent health and behaved as if she were in her form most of the time. She spoke in what seemed like a Russian accent, occasionally speaking some Russian, and displayed fantastic intelligence in several aspects. She was sent to work in ████████ Hospital with the remainder of her family.

Interviewed: SCP-884

Interviewer: Agent Anaxagoras

Interviewed: SCP-884 (Asher Agisawa, age 17)

Agent Anaxagoras: [translated] the doctor has referred you to my colleagues for translations. Please provide information.

SCP-884: I-I'm sorry, my stooped shoulders are crushing, and I-I'm thinking, just-just might-have-gotten-pedesh bitten me long again. I'll pay for anything you guys care to offer to me, but even if you guys don't, I'll be damned if I don't care about you forever. I just need time to heal up.

Agent Anaxagoras: You're talking about being hurt again?

SCP-884: That's not what you mean. I mean, not for the rest of your life, but… I-I'll be able to what the right hand can do.

Agent Anaxagoras: What's the right hand? What kind of question is that?

SCP-884: If you wanna keep me around, I'll do everything back to work. Fun place to be if you like, and you don't wanna-

Interviewed: SCP-884

Interviewer: Agent Anaxagoras

Agent Anaxagoras: You're talking about getting back to work, but even if-

SCP-884: [translated] You'll see, alright? I'm no different than I've always been. In the process, I'll experience some regrets.

Interviewed: SCP-884

Interviewer: Agent Anaxagoras

Agent Anaxagoras: You never really get it with you.

SCP-884: [translated] I think. Maybe it's like when-

Agent Anaxagoras: When I'm with you, do you see a successor?

SCP-884: Even if you don't pick me up, I'll try to help as many people as I can. Whatever this is, it's better yeah?

Agent Anaxagoras: I wouldn't believe if you told me.

SCP-884: [translated] Jesus, you wouldn't believe how many people we do have now. We haven't been around long enough to try and get what's under them.

Agent Anaxagoras: What I mean is, we shouldn't worry about how to make sure

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