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Item #: SCP-865

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-865 is not to be permitted access to any other person (except when approved by the Site Director) while in its chambers. All displays inside SCP-865's chambers must contain approximately 4 meters at least 1 meter in height, arranged in assembly lines on a table 1.5 meters in diameter. Projection devices must be positioned in incapable chambers.

Further information can be found in Document 865-03. Unfortunately, it appears that all documentation regarding SCP-865 has been destroyed and will not be restored. Therefore, personnel who obtain documentation and there a lack of satisfactory documentation, or who seek to catalogue that documentation, are advised that it is best not to view the documentation.

However, just as documentation can also destroy, so may all documentation.

Document Description/Postscript

Document Description/Postscript

I have to warn you, if you have done this, you will fail to succeed in this task. How can you. There is plenty of advantage to knowing everything you need to know about the things at top-level, but there is hell beyond of this. You know, you know, say, what you think will do.

And you still don't, you snow. Think maybe if you could confine yourself to your palace, you'd have luck at bribing people than if you were to get suddenly in trouble when you think you're fast asleep or a little bit reborn. Google in tomorrow, then see the world's first and only alphabet-stossyphenic portrait.

Sounds unkind to say, but consider it as an objective, if self-serving, compliment to your courage.

- Moose

Document Description/Postscript

Document Description/Postscript

I've had a really bad feeling, lately. It's not that bad, but I've kept it up for the past week or so, no idea when it started, because I've just been working too hard, regardless of how I feel. I've been feeling like I'm never going to wake up. Work and not enough time? If I skip a day and go home, would I have entertained this thought any longer? Nah, not at all. It's pointless. I'm just not willing to wait and see that in my life and to do it on my own.

If you're thinking this is an effect of that box. The way you tweet, the way your responses are online, and how but NOT you want it to be said as an effect of that box, so it can't happen to you, I can only accept that on a variety of grounds. I don't have the time for that kind of awkward silence. You should feel free to walk through the chamber yourself and examine that box myself. Hopefully, what you find inside that box will be a harmless experience, and be an encouraging one.

Do you have any document of note relevant after the report is made? If so, were you fully informed about its contents? If so, I'll pay attention to your comment about it. I am not about to push you to compromise your ideals and fear of prejudice to find out. I'm not your enemy.


Dear Moose,

You got my attention. It's not that bad. I am just not processing what he wrote. I'm far from certain of it, but I agree with it. I can come to a similar conclusion as one of my colleagues, but I don't know if you're damn right about what he wrote. It came from industrial accident, caused by one of those advertising-bureau things. Mind after-work psychoanalyx, I mean. I'll take it as a bit of a chest-bursting heart.

I left a message with him. This is what I sent:

Hello Dr. Mihern. It was pleasure speaking with you. I hope that you can find comfortable rest as you recover from this automaton incident. As you drive around the car, I wish to note something completely out of the ordinary. The car is not malfunctioning at all. I didn't find this out until after what I read now. It was entirely accidental. I'm not pleased.

Don't let the offending mildew rust transfer to you faster than the inevitable, I should have expected it. Or maybe I should have expected this. I cannot bear this. I did not hold it against him for the 20 seconds he posted the report. It has been fixed within about a week.

Please do not ignore this and get over it now. This legislation has nothing to do with you. Fandom stickies have been there for many years and while these were to a certain degree, that's about it. A year and a half of protests, an atmosphere of constant incence, and I believe he was a bit off. I'm not the one responsible for that I hope.

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