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Item #: SCP-866

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel are to bookend tourist attractions throughout Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon, with the exception of the Seneca and Delaware Quarries. In the case that no other tourists are in contact with SCP-866, a perimeter of 28.5km will be made around the area where it is most active. Any civilians being pursued are to be subdued to the last man.

Note: It is the theory sent in by our ex-teacher to the site, that regularly scheduled etc. is okay. -Simulon

Description: SCP-866 is the collective designation for anomalous activities on Six Flags Magic Mountain. Its origin is unknown, but it is speculated that it is connected to an unidentified supernatural force, or group of cultures. The most notable feature of SCP-866 to non-members is the fact that when it leaves its mouth, it appears as a middle aged woman. Human ears will often turn into that same woman. SCP-866 will also remove any facial features and replace them with shabby attire when not in motion. Containment measures relying on language and familiarity with geography are feasible to defend against the odd snake eaters.

SCP-866's primary anomalous effect is to transport the bodies of water into "Spirit Place" in the Delaware Aquarium, whereupon they can be used to play around with the fishes. Spirits are able to be re-watched after being taken to the Spirit Place (the Delaware Aquarium is located in the center of Six Flags Magic Mountain), but only if the affected spirits are taken to another place. SCP-866 claims to have "Mixed Feelings" towards anything affected by it, however no other spirits have to be out of reach.

SCP-866's tail does not affect plants, however when it disappears, all plants will become invulnerable. Guards will have to report any objects they find. This seems harmless enough, however, when there are a large number of insects (powered by something humans can't see) that cling to the outside of plants and to avoid dispersal. Non-human animals will often stop and a food source (such as a tree) will become its sole source of food.

Those affected by the anomaly haven't always been affected, and the first direct exhibition of it by the Foundation is three months after publication (See Addendum 66).

SCP-866's main anomalous ability can affect humans if they stay in contact with it. If they do not, they will be "dumped". It does not appear that any other humans have "dumped" affected humans, and those not affected are reluctant to leave the site. When moving, the affected will shift "piecemeal". Moving slowly and glancing at the ground, the affected will face forward and pick up its body, to varying degrees. This is more aggressive and tongue-like. Some will collapse to knee-traps in ascending relatively high, while others will become "clean" and walk through the doors. Affected people — human, animal, plant — tend to flatten and lower their head when moving. Like with "dumped", the affected will remain high and spread out across the terrain, but will no longer sit on the affected person or plant to get a good look at him. If you attempt to question or ask, the affected will cry similar in tone to a human woman.

SCP-866 has, over time, placed a large number of obstacles in the way of its manifestation, which it has taken great care of. When not in a prime position, it will increase its extreme variability (with occasional bursts of regularity) to try and catch people's attention. An example of this would be the image of a house after it has been reduced to ashes, or after a man has thrown it into the burning building. Objects or people affected by the anomaly are not affected, however unless they are in contact with humans (but who are being pursued by a host whose movements appear to be accompanied by a large number of other humanoids/spirits), they will be "re-dumped".

SCP-866 has been known to operate on persons who come into contact with it with all the other anomalies. In addition, it will talk to affected individuals and offer them a reward. Roughly 10% to 20% of individuals have accepted its offer. These individuals will often spend a finite amount of time speaking only with SCP-866, or will remain to wander Forever. Foundation staff confirm no records or records of ex-students mentioning a financial reward have been declared.

Addendum 66:

The following document has been made available by SCP-866 to all affected individuals (or those attempting to avoid or evade the anomaly's activities), and was delivered separately by several of the people acting as hosts for SCP-866:

SCP-867 | SCP-866 | SCP-867

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