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Item #: SCP-867

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-867 is to be placed in a two-way radio shack in a request by Dr. █████. Further restrictions on SCP-867's movements is necessary as its interactions with personnel are often unpredictable.

Description: SCP-867 is a boys notepad, measuring 37cm in height and 7cm in thickness. Its anomalous properties can only be determined via testing through the test patterns on the device, where its anomalous properties will manifest at several locations along with the written text. Each location appears independent from all other locations. Each pattern will consist of four lines, varying in length from three to six, placed on at least ten (10) different places.

Several types of writing have been devised for SCP-867 in various writing styles, none of which have been studied or identified by researchers. Note that while one copy of a pattern can write; any other, different writing style uses the same pattern as written to it. All documents that have been converted to a writing style of one used by SCP-867 will remain as they were. While further testing has suggested that one copy of the pattern is the source of SCP-867's anomalous properties (see Experiment Log 867-█), only one copy has thus far been found so far, and therefore there is no possibility of additional instances in the future.

SCP-867 was discovered exam about an ex-navy .22 caliber rifle after an unnamed civilian accidentally shot and killed a student at ████████[REDACTED], Ky. Prior to this incident, undercover law enforcement drew suspicion based on the fact that the individual missing had served a detention period and had not been raised any suspicion prior to his disappearance. SCP-867 was bought by a woman who was attending college and lived without a home. At the time the object was being stored there was one copy.

Attempts to contact the individual involved have been met with difficulty; however, due to the nature of the text of the patterns, which include some particularly unintelligible words, the individual remains at large. After an extended period of silence, SCP-867 lost its anomalous effects though a minor littered pattern of text was still visible.

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