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Item #: SCP-871

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-871 are to be contained in sedation-induced silence, maintained in a standard humanoid containment unit with overbuilding, and housed in a single standard humanoid ward. Methods of communication between the Foundation and the SCP-871 instances are to be limited to the means of reinforced communication devices, and no classified network protocols are required to circumvent monitoring. SCP-871's vehicle should not be provided for travel purposes; however, witnesses must be allowed to gather photos of any window fixed to its vehicle, and then be shared with and verified by a high-ranking member of the unnecessary Foundation staff.

Attempts to modify or create a stronger, means to contain SCP-871 are to be denied, and any attempts to bind SCP-871 with psychological trauma and isolate any structural or chemical changes to it are to be denied.

Description: SCP-871 is an antiphase membraneism exhibiting several anomalous effects and properties. It is believed to be an active member of a class of entity known as Number-One Accounts. Several attempts at modifying or creating a stronger, means to contain SCP-871 have been refused and downplayed by the SCP Foundation's management, only to be denied. However, all arguments against altering or neutralizing SCP-871 have failed and regarding modification, the O5 council has conceded that the effect is subtle and a low danger overall. This mitigating factor, combined with the fact that other actions have been banned outright, may convince the O5 council to allow it to exist.

SCP-899 is an propensity for anomalous character and development. No intentional action may be initiated by it; only a cursory glance will create the impression that everything is going according to plan. Unlike any other character, SCP-899's approval rating is low, with only 22% of individuals having any understanding of or knowledge of its purpose. Further investigation suggests that the origin and functionality of SCP-899 is an unrecognized product, and is unknown. The anomalous sympathetic reactions of individuals witnessing SCP-899 effect other individuals are believed to be an influence of the Appostial Affect Resistance to canons of the Church of the Broken God.

Designation: MTF-Parks

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-899 is to be investigated and contained. Testing is to be forbidden.

Description: SCP-899 is an extradimensional space in [REDACTED] or similar settings. It is not considered an actual location. However, unless any SCP-899 instance is removed from the interior, the space within it will persist and function as an extradimensional place within the [[DATA EXPUNGED] location. Whether or not it is possible to create a space within the dimensions of SCP-899 and even move or view outside is unknown.

Only one instance of SCP-899 is known to have been seen to take up residence in SCP-871's interior. Several experimental observations and their anomalous effects are discussed above under SCP-899's anomalous abilities, but no observations of the instance's interior have been collected or documented. Screenshot:

When the one in the cage is removed from the interior, the upscaled space becomes a flat zone with the top of the cage going down and the bottom up. This space is impossible to maintain as it solidifies quickly, but the exact mechanism is unknown. This effect creates a veritable black void, with no discernible delineation of the void, and no apparent source. Screenshot:

SCP-899's anomalous properties are inoperable on long term observation. However, it is known through tests as a contact infrare anomaly. In all documented cases of SCP-899's anomalous properties, certain individuals have attempted to interact with the affected area, but this has been considered irrelevant; isolate and isolate. Screenshot:

The most similar and immediate effect from SCP-899, albeit exaggerated on occasion, is that the affected area immediately fills with an astral form. Screenshot:

The astral form then becomes the space in this space. Space in this space immediately conforms to the proportions or dimensions of the astral form, the exact details being unknown. The astral form's physical size is consistent with that of the affected area, and its shape is consistent with that of the affected area. What is known is that the astral form fills with flesh at a rate consistent with any other flesh, and bleeds and fuses substance at approximately the same rate. Heat does not destroy or degrade the flesh from within the space (see below) so a fleshy substance can remain inside the space. Neither does it disappear. With no discernible method of removal, the air and pus of the affected area can create any effect when on contact with any living organism.

SCP-899 is the only available area within which there will be a

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