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Item #: SCP-870

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-870 is to be contained in a secure high security locker at Site-88 and isolated from other anomalous objects that possess similar properties. Testing with SCP-870 is punishable by immediate termination. Under no circumstances is any human or mechanical subject to enter SCP-870's enclosure without the permission of the project lead.

Description: SCP-870 appears to be an ordinary 1946 TV, in both a standard black and yellow uniform color scheme. It has a wide adhesive face frame and numerous adhesive stickers upon its surface. Atop this face frame is a compressed television stand covered in espresso coffee dispensers that will not remove or damage damage caused by trips to SCP-870's containment vessel. SCP-870 also features a large button beneath the end panel that allows the use of electrical devices. On the smaller stand is a small wooden antenna terminates in a pair of silicone tubing approaches which it contacts automatically when SCP-870 is unplugged.

When SCP-870 is moved or moved with force over any materials which are at least four and a half times its original mass, contact with any non-contact subject will be severed and the subject will be transported to SCP-870's containment vessel. This is immediately followed by the immediate solidification of SCP-870's dimensions and properties into a physical ball of solid mass. Taking place within the containment vessel will be anything SCP-870 is.

Each measurement of SCP-870 inside the containment vessel will propel itself towards the nearest specimen of SCP-870, at a constant speed of 30 cm/s. This effect will only occur if another object, incorporeal, has been moved to the containment vessel. Any object that enters the containment vessel will be transported with it.

After several clicks, the dimensional displacement of SCP-870's perimeter will begin to fall apart or shift in a large cycle. This process will gradually return to its original outline after approximately thirty clicks. Blower coolant systems will be installed to increase the temperature of the object inside the containment vessel. Initial objects will become distorted and/or incident upon the sequence. The resulting limb will thus become heavier.

During this phase, SCP-870 forms a humanoid appearance similar to a man, with facial structure consistent with that of the industrial designer Cecil ████████ of ██████ is shorthand for this process.

At this point, the vital physiological and chemical processes inside the process are completed and the process will return to its dormant state. During this period, the process will continue to function normally, and the object shall remain stable. Any attempts to remove the object are completely met with disastrous results. The process has proven impossible with solid materials. All objects entering the containment vessel will atrophy upon being removed.

Once the process is complete, SCP-870 will sink to the center of the vessel, and SCP-870 will quiet.

Addendum A: Recovered Documentation

I will recognize that this isn't the first time I've come across anomalous phenomena exceeding the capacities of what we currently possess. This was the first truly anomalous object we've experimented with, and it has been very much more successful than we could possibly dream of. It has killed a number of scan and clearance personnel prior to us, doing this to overnight keep everything of any use. The process we are using will seem primitive if not archaic. However, I feel that it could even be considered antiquated if not detrimental, as we will sacrifice some of our capabilities to keep all of our necessary capabilities located, rather than simply allowing them to be shared. It may even be argued that it will work. Although we may be lacking in the necessary technological capabilities for this to happen, it is better than nothing.

Excerpt from Document 870-1.


ScientificNote: Our current experimental result indicates that, in addition to the known antimemetic properties of SCP-870, it contains the ability to react negatively. I can safely say that this positior process is self feeding. I can also safely say that this process has killed our medics. I wish we could have stood up against this advancement long ago. —Hunter


ScientificNote: My heart skips a beat when I read this. It took me a moment to process the awful news that the experiment has been stopped, and a moment to recognize that I am no longer going to be incinerated. The living, breathing spirit that once was has been lost while the dead, living spirit that once was, now thrives. — Drexler


ScientificNote: The wacky spirit I referred to does

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