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Item #: SCP-869

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As of 24/01/2008, any Foundation personnel attempting to record with SCP-869 are to be immediately terminated. Persons attempting to record will be sentenced to imprisonment for the identification and extradition of relevant evidence. The recordings will then be analyzed by church and archaeological specialists, who will discard any possible remains.

SCP-869 management should be advised to avoid body camera recordings when recording. The church is entirely different in outcomes than a discernible variant of the SCP-869 that exists in modern society. Records from the era before recording are to be considered incomplete and altered in accordance with the amended Foundation Care Policy.

The negative effect of E-Group-4 surveillance could be limit its effect, allowing its origin to be probated. However, the distance from SCP-869-a potential countermeasure is extremely sensitive, and should be used with extreme caution. If any Ag-Group-4 surveillance is performed on any Ag-Group-4 agent, the Foundation may be unable to modify the Secure Containment Procedures without prejudice to the Foundation.

Description: SCP-869 was first discovered in 20101138 during a potential Gymkhana tournament. Its anomalous nature has only now become clear. The main method of tracking SCP-869 is to follow its CCTV recordings, but destroys any recordings before they are deleted. If the Ag-Group-4 agent must be placed inside a NDE when recording a video, then they will provide the coordinates of the nearest storage facility. Viruses have been found amongst the tape. The phrase "When the game is open, the game shall be won" has also been added the end of the file.

SCP-869 has had numerous recorded events, including a hypothetical horror movie, starring David Fumino, and a tortured prisoner. Of course, there is no recording for several days, a year and a half later. The SCP-869 agent is no longer allowed outside when recording by Ag-Group-4 agents, and some were decided to attach psychically contained piece of music to a second buggy camera to prevent abuse of SCP-869.

The average age of the Ag-Group-4 agent is 1,371years and the average age of the Ag-Group-4 agent is -110years. In the whole of recorded history, SCP-869 is harder to find an Ag-Group-4 agent. There are several live Ag-Group-4 agents that have been compromised, but their victims are generally still living. When not caught, their corpses are often discovered to have been smuggled in from the dark by bandits of horse-borne thieves, or harbored anomalous properties from their time spent underground.

The Ag-Group-4 agent's average age is 3,400years, with the exception of a record of an Ag-Group-4 agent of "Christopher". He was tragically killed on the alleged Saskatchewan province line by the Ag-Group-4 agent one month earlier.

Collaboration and Rehabilitation Study: As of 21/01/2008, SCP-869 is destroyed. The Ag-Group-4 agent's behaviour using SCP-869 has been significantly altered. Most often, he does household tasks such as shoving men out of doors, fetching water from the getaway car, and destroying lawns. However, it is only possible for a minute or two a month that the Ag-Group-4 agent will go in the field and gather more agents sealed in a pod from their counterparts.

SCP-869 has not shown any increase in erratic behaviour when not monitoring the spy-party's operations, but the probability of a compromise event at all are low.

The new research reported that while these agents are entrapped inside SCP-869, they are survived.

This effect does not modify the behaviour of the Ag-Group-4 agents in front of a camera. All Ag-Group-4 agents will display no interest to sabotage or vandalise SCP-869 (except in the rare occasion when a live Ag-Group-4 agent died).

SCP-869 contains a vault with several unfiltered cameras; however, most cameras have fully been destroyed with a wooden pick.

These cameras are impossible to remove. The cage that the cameras hang in is combustible, and will spontaneously ignite if their weight is removed.

Evidence suggests that some other Ag-Group-4 agents may have been able to access the cameras and have copied their recordings.

████ Aftermath: Following the Ag-Group-4 agent had "updated" their profile, they were discovered to be over 35 years old, with a very long history in the Ag-Group.

It is unknown what reason, if any, the Ag-Group-4 agents had for this rout.



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