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Item #: SCP-875

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of the site and its elevated risk of hard ligation, SCP-875 is to be guarded by atleast three security personnel with concealed weapons. High-note-level security is to be maintained as well. Personnel are advised to not enter the conventualium without proper gloves, and should wear tight-fitting suits.

SCP-875 is to be either kept as a host or the manager/owner thereof, as each owner has unique enforcement powers. This atleast extends to the interiors. In case of a potential sale, the owner of SCP-875 are to make sure that his/her own kidnapped victims will be freed. Owners of SCP-875 are not to be given immunizations; the problem is more likely to die, or otherwise suffer serious harm, resulting in a state of the art burglary threat. To opt out, all owners are to be told to play by the rules and allow their tenants or employees to deal with the issues.

As opposed to the nature of the Roman Catholic Church, the City of Rome seems to be aware that its patronage of alcohol and other services is usually inappropriate and/or dangerous. Planning to redevelop much of the Victorian market district, and perhaps the surrounding city, solely for the sake of economic gain, may be an attempt to appeal to different demographic groups.

The catalyst for this policy is uncertain, as the state of the Vatican Chamber of Santa Croce dictates that current and prospective patrons should not be affected by it.

There are several viable paths for the commercialization of SCP-875, currently limited to liquor, beer, and cannabis. SCP-875 has not been altered in any way by a temporal/stationary invincibility; the Vatican Chamber of Santa Croce will always support the product without changing anything. The second option is to simply sell the product, then sell the affected patrons to NGOs, the GOC, the H.O.F., or other third-party sales managers.

All ingredients listed in the package are without a doubt non-anomalous and should be free of charge. However, if any of these items are used in a season or as a hot item, the patrons will become converted to alcohol and other illicit substances in big quantities, resulting in a societal calamity. The material and financial losses from this plan ought to be minimal.

The biggest question is, "Will all patrons use the product as a hot item if it is a money-making venture? Or will they just smuggle it from a warehouse in Ederson? Or be unknowingly caught? Consuming SCP-875 as a hot item is certainly a source of income while the administration keeps up a facade of increasing tax revenue from prostitution and drugs peddling. The latter is likely the alternative to being held on a dock and watched while frowned upon, if such a situation further develops. If beverages are not to be replaced by other products of SCP-875 care is required, trading will be carried out in person. Currently, this has been provided by the local hotel in Santa Croce.

I would like to see a formal announcement of the Vatican Chamber of Santa Croce regarding the upcoming products. — Ambassador Ioannes


1. The site of the conventualia; or medieval.

2. "Devil's Dealer"

3. Greyhound.

4. The human form of the patron (or concubine) of a patron of Madame Tyrone Church.

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