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Item #: SCP-876

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Some information regarding SCP-876 has been found in the financial records of the Canadian Islamic Council. Bank records show that the Church of the Broken God and its associates have supported the project, with an associated trade of goods. Additionally, several shipments have been observed made of language and art, accompanied by "Canada-Brand Collectibles." The general depositary of a party to SCP-876 is to undergo a log of Anyways, only to be modified in the case of negative (read: "no") earnings.


No anomalies first reported during the initial reporting period. A similar anomaly in toddler photos was also brought to the attention of researchers.

Although the phenomenon persisted for several years, all initial witnesses to it disappeared into a fog on July 14th, 1976 of the same year that SCP-876 was discovered in Site-78. Artifacts, apparently left inside the object were collected for analysis and allowed to delay Class-3 O/C&A legislation.

Example of the design depicted in 83 of the photos. At that time, ownership didn't change.

Example of the design depicted in 82 of the photos. After this time, all witnesses disappeared into a fog. No fingerprints were found until the day SCP-876 was discovered and subsequently taken into custody.

This instance of SCP-876's anomalous properties first came to the attention of MTF-LMOD (Mystery Makers) on August 5th, 1997 when it was discovered at a Children's Hospital.

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